Reaction of Governing Body Belies More than their Accusation

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  • sparky1
    sparky1 are 100% correct! The only way around this would be to have an 'inside man' at Warwick. Then the 'inside man' could mail letters directly to each individual Governing Body (tm) member thru the Bethel mail system. You would have to know which building that the Governing Body (tm) member lived in and what his room number was in order to have him receive the letter personally. Otherwise, there are too many stopgaps and firewalls in place for the Governing Body (tm) to receive correspondence from outside individuals.

  • vienne

    The initial post, aside from its very poor grammar, is not credible without the letter. The writer is either from West Africa where this convoluted style of writing is standard, or he is not a native English speaker. He picks ostentatious words where simple language will do. This is characteristic of W. African media.

    In the past few years I've interviewed a number of more or less prominent Bethelites including one who handles correspondence. They seldom answer letters of the sort reported here. They ignore them. I would like to know what made a letter such as this upset them? I suspect this is contrived.

    The governing body are 'true believers.' They seldom see letters addressed to them. They're filtered out by staff. Individual dissenters [much nicer word than apostate, no?] do not concern them. The collective does because dissenting voices on the Internet have a reach that the Xeroxed and mimeographed letters of the 1940-1980s never had.

  • carefullyread

    Well you sleuths & experts have got it all worked out but unfortunately completely wrong.

    The post is 100% true, thought about telling it a long time ago but I have been very reticent to do so, now I know why.

    It could be presumed that as copies of the letter were sent to congregational members & to the elders one of them being of the anointed elders class it may have got priority in its dispatch to the GB! Who knows ?

    The GB declaration naming the disfellowshiped brother as “the worst apostate person they had yet encountered” was pronounced to the whole of the congregation at a Sunday morning meeting, & they stated it was the exact words of the GB & it was also relayed to at least four other congregations I know of in the surrounding region.

    I could also suggest as they do that there is no truth in the explanations by spark1 & Vienne that no correspondence gets through to the governing body & their explanations are all unfounded made up nonsense? Their expert opinions would also mean the elders colluded to make up the story along with me & pronounce it all at their Sunday meetings to at least five congregations, get real!

    So glad I didn’t give any more information as it seems the experts would never have handled how I knew The governing body was greatly perturbed, alarmed, to confused with this letter, that’s way beyond their realm of digesting, I wouldn’t even try to attempt it.

    Vienne: People do write & spell differently in many other countries that’s why we are given a choice by Microsoft of English UK or American English computer versions, we call some grammatical terms you use in America as slang, but you accept it as normal. If I spell the English word humour & not as the American spelt humor, that does not make me a West African. I am a very old man from England & probable use words that you don’t in America but then you appear to display a totally un-ubiquitous opinion based on your found- less incorrect suppositions, I believe you have made up for yourself a load of cods-wallop. You say the governing body of today are “true believers” what a joke! True believers in money only.

    Sparky1: Has gone off at a naïve tangent & supposes GB members are lost inside the buildings & are too difficult to contact, what a stupid notion! There are board meetings & committees where issues are discussed & regular contact with people outside, that’s where some of my info originally comes from. Don’t paint the GB as behaving like holy men that are cut off from the outside world as you incorrectly suggest, the new regime or whoever pulls the strings are very cunning, well informed, & monitor exactly what is going on in the outside world that’s how they received the letter. They are probably reading this & having a big laugh at your naïve posts.

    Sir82, who said this was an earnest apostate letter? Not the writer, not some that have read it. Interestingly to note the GB words were “The worst apostate person”

    In 1985 figures were produced based on the average weekly monies received at every kingdom hall worldwide over a period that conservatively showed the society had money in the $ billion plus. It was presumed some bank accounts were not even known about, with the monies they have amassed since 1985 plus their realty sales there are no holy untouchable meek & mild mindless uniformed GB members shuffling about unaware of any serious worldly opposition or contamination that threatens to expose their facade & status quo.

    I believe the lid will be lifted on the society with a calamitous resounding exposure involving masses amounts of money & their finances that will make other religions look like angels in the near future, “Uproar in the Temple”

    Making this my last reply, after all who am I responding to, thirteen year olds?

  • stillin

    I'm not at all surprised to hear that the ignorant prefer to keep things the way they are. I, too, have written letters in the past. I kept a respectful tone and addressed issues that were hot-topic issues, with only the intention of trying to help make the WTS a more God-like organization.

    I did receive replies, though. To every letter I ever wrote. The replies were either off the mark regarding my thoughts, or they thanked me for my thoughts and said that "certain things" are being discussed in relation to the subject, or they told me to talk with my local elders. Most of the letters had typos and were obviously written by somebody who had no real importance in the organization, but was probably an elder volunteer from the surrounding area who had an assignment to read some of the mail. They generally were somewhat kind replies and condescending.

    Who would have thought that in God's own family of worshippers, thought itself would be so disregarded? Actual, sincere pouring out of one's heart? Apostate!

    Carefullyread, as one who has experienced, in smaller measure, the things that you describe, I share your disgust.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    More evidence and plain English please. I have a dictionary and a Thesaurus too, but my memory suffices in ordinary Internet conversations. Pompous language always detracts from the message.

    I forgot, welcome!!!

  • Drearyweather
    The GB declaration naming the disfellowshiped brother as “the worst apostate person they had yet encountered” was pronounced to the whole of the congregation at a Sunday morning meeting, & they stated it was the exact words of the GB & it was also relayed to at least four other congregations I know of in the surrounding region.

    Was this 'GB declaration' through a letter? If yes, it would be interesting to see this letter. In fact, this would probably be the first time such a declaration was announced to four congregations, and that too during a Sunday meeting, and about a person who has already been disfellowshipped.

  • Xanthippe

    Carefullyread I would like to hear more please. I am English too and I don't find your style pompous at all plus I don't need a dictionary to read your posts. Please don't leave, we're not all childish and suspicious.

  • Giordano

    Carefullyread I enjoyed both of your posts......... the latter setting the record straight. Good Job and yes this is an open forum and everyone has their own experiences and point of view.

    In the case of a deeper point of view many will be supportive while others will doubt as old wounds take forever to heal.

    Do stay around.


  • vienne

    Let's see scans of the letters to which you refer.

  • Ruby456

    I can certainly guess who this notorious apostate was as I have heard on the grapewine what some of his antics were in his past life. but I won't name any names - just want to reassure carefullyread that I believe him.

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