Why do they like the noise? (Yet another fluff question!)

by ozziepost 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • rocketman

    The "in" thing here is car stereos balsting. The bass thumping is amazing. Some cars though have bass that sounds very distorted. That's what happens when you try to have a rock concert for the whole neighborhood as youd rive by.

  • jst2laws

    Hey Gumby,

    I am in the floor covering trade and that classifies me as one of the "poorer" white trash trades.

    NOW, I didn't quiet say it that way (white trash) but it paints a picture of the guys on the job. The electricians, heat and air, and trim boys drive fair pickup trucks or vans, while the drywallers, plumbers and roofers show up in a cloud of blue smoke in dented and bumperless rattle traps.

    Floor finishing! Are you in the south Gumby?


  • shamus


    You don't like listening to crappy classic rock music all day, and stupid annoying DJ'S???

    I always wanted to go over to those guys and smash the boom box with a baseball bat, and then tell them to have a nice day.

  • gumby
    Are you in the south Gumby?

    Northern California.

    I think that cloud of blue "smoke" could be a couple of things!


  • gumby

    I don't like loud rock and roll either. I love some older semi-mellow rock, Leonard Skinnard, Pink Floyed, on down....oldies are alsways #1 for me. . Loud rock makes me nervous on top of all the coffee we white trash bastards drink to begin our day


  • jgnat

    Ozzie, check this out:

    I think that just about proves it, don't you think?

  • ozziepost
    BTW.....surveys show that a sure sign of old age setting in is being annoyed at loud music and becoming a cranky old bastard.

    Oh, you're so right!

    However........those who know Ozmeister in de flesh know about his music!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers, Ozzie (of the cranky old bastard class)

  • SheilaM
    If Thunder uses headphones with his MP3 player, how do you really know he's not listening to country music on the sly

    Because Thunder HATES Country music LOL I have to introduce him to knew groups took me forever to get him to listen to Hootie, Creed you name it....now he won't give me back my CD'S LOL

    I always get in trouble for my loud music today Anthony came in with his Tux and said "Mom, you can hear that music all the way down the street" I said "And" LOL I have nerdy kids they NEVER LET ME PLAY MY MUSIC

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