Marriage Proposal

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  • LyinEyes

    This is great news,,,,,,,,,,I am so excited , and happy for both of you. You both are sweet , kind people who deserve a life filled with happiness,,,,,,something you didnt have for so long ,,,,,,,,,,so dont let anyway get in your way.

    The wedding hasnt even started,,,and I am like Dana, already getting misty eyed over here.

    Ya'll need to post an engagement pic of you two when you set a date........If I were you, I would do like Katie and Craig did and run off to Vegas. I am just saying what I would do if I had to do it all over gain,,,,,,,, I would not make a big deal over the perfect dress, no big wedding at all, just me and the old man running off to Vegas, maybe the kids could come, but I would love to spend most of my money on the time after the short wedding. Stay in a great motel, have room service, see some sights, take lots of pics, ,,that way you will always have a place to go back to to rekindle the spark from time to time.

    This is really great news and I know Gopher more from all the times I talked to this squeak, in chat, and look forward to getting to know I know enough about you Chelbie to know you are a sweetheart.

    I wish you both years of happiness and fun, and all the rewards of finding your soul mate.

  • Gopher

    Angharad -- thanks to you and Simon for this site. It's quite obvious we wouldn't have met if not for this forum. I wonder how many other couples have met through this forum. I can think of bikerchic/onacruse and zev/somebody.

    Dede -- it's the second time around for both of us, and we both want "substance over style" when it comes to the wedding. Nothing fancy, we'll just dress nice and invite our closest friends and some of my relatives (since it's happening in my hometown) to the courthouse. No religious minister need oversee it, just a justice of the peace to officiate and help make the day a joyful one.

    Thanks to all for their well wishes. This "congregation" on the board here is the best one to which I've ever belonged!

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