The coordinator of cong visited me last night

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  • Finkelstein

    In conclusion I said my beliefs are that I believe that it would be presumptuous to believe that the GB is the only channel.

    If your Baptized expect to be DFed or DAed if they still do that.

  • Saename
    OUTLAW - The WBT$ needs to offer the JW`s something, they can`t pay them any less.

    Sure, but they can double the pay... 0 x 2 is still 0.

  • freddo

    If you've said similar to anybody else who is a loyal JW then they have their two witnesses to DF you. (Which of course is why many of us haven't got the balls to do what you did.)

  • smiddy

    How about hitting them with "Jehovahs witnesses base their beliefs solely on the Bible" ?

    Where in the bible are : [ you should be able to fill this in with so many rules and regulations ,non Bible definitions such as D2D work RV ,BS ,especially the change in the baptism and your conviction of it ,Pioneers ,Co`s,Do`s,,Etc,etc,etc.

    and you know the list just goes on and on. Where are all these in the Bible ?

    The simple answer is their not . Where is the True Organization mentioned in the bible.?

    how about soveriegnty of jehovah god ,where is that mentioned in the Bible .?

    what about reinstatement ? for someone who makes a mistake and is then trying to get back in favour ? with the congregation ? Think of the prodigal son and the very marked difference the JW`s have on this scripture.

    Governing Body ? Where is that stated in the Bible ?

    Do you think /believe Jehovahs Witness religion is based solely on the Bible after considering these points ?

  • Chook

    I also showed him the 10 min video on 1975 Vimeo, The Elder denies them specifically mentioning it , the video reveals where the JW chariot steered the brothers to sell homes , leave jobs, it's very compelling. If they want me DF it will be in absenteeism unless Geoffrey Jackson is charged with same crime.

  • punkofnice

    Nice one, Chook.

    Of course, they won't listen to reason. The voice of brainwashing is too loud and drowns it out.

    marriage mare

    Marriages in the WTB$ probably are a mare!

  • Finkelstein

    If they want me DF it will be in absenteeism unless Geoffrey Jackson is charged with same crime.

    True the leaders of the WTS are the true apostates against Jesus for going against his instructions of preaching the Gospel of this new kingdom arrangement.

    They are all guilty of preaching a false commercialized Gospel in their activity and endeavors of operating and running their own publishing company., crass charlatanism and nothing else.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great points smiddy!

    And well played Chook!

  • Tight Pants Twinkle Toes
    Tight Pants Twinkle Toes


    You dumbass your always confusing them with the Facts. Remember 'babysteps'...'babysteps' or they will shit there panties!

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