JW.org move to media

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  • mickbobcat

    The less money put into local halls the more the drones can send to the cult HQ

  • Rocketman123

    Because we are living in an age of digital media, what will be the effect of this all?

    Little if any, people are more about relgoius cults and their tactics to lure people toward them. either by printed literature or video presentations.

  • Phizzy

    When I was young I asked a C.O "Why doesn't the Org do programmes for Television?" the reply I got was " because no matter how good the programme, a better one comes along and people then forget our message, it is better to speak to people person to person".

    I think he must have been forearmed to answer this question, because shortly after , if memory serves, the Org had something similar in Print.

    But the argument in that answer still stands I think. Their Videos etc are not in fact good enough to compare with others, but they may make some that just about are, but then if even mildly successful, they will be copied and improved upon by commercial interests that are non-JW, and become redundant.

    Also if someone was moved to think about maybe joining the JW's, the hoops they would have to go through to get someone to call on them would be off-putting to most, go to a very Culty Web Site and request a Bible Study ? how many will actually do that ?

  • Vidiot

    Barb Anderson called it.

    She said the Org was morphing into an "e-church" before some of us even knew what that was.

  • LongHairGal


    All very good comments. It certainly does look as if they are going online! The question is: how much so? Partially or almost totally? Probably many more halls will be sold off if people aren’t meeting in them to make it worthwhile to keep them.

    Sorry for all the JWs who miss meeting in person as this constituted most of their social life! It’s like a game of musical chairs where somebody is left without a chair. Only in this case, they are left without a hall to meet in.

    Also, this poses a big problem for those ‘needy’ types (who never planned or got decent jobs) looking for handouts..They miss in-person meetings because they are accustomed to getting $$ from certain people!..Now they have to make lots of phone calls to certain ones with their sob story! Also, gone is the custom of people visiting a strange hall when on vacation!

    Everybody can see how this totally changes everything! This isn’t the religion of yesteryear. That’s gone and I don’t see it coming back. When I did my ‘Fade’ twenty+ years ago I never could have foreseen this!

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    e-church = televangelism. What a frightening thought!

  • asp59

    They going online. Having people rush from work, fast dinner and hurry to a KH to watch videos, they could watch at home. That's not gonna work in the long run.

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