JW.org move to media

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  • Gorb

    With the built of new jw.org media studio's we can predict the future of the jw religion.

    Because we are living in an age of digital media, what will be the effect of this all?

    Will the religion generate a new population? We know video media is a strong marketing tool.

    Like to hear your thoughts.


  • alanv

    Videos are very powerful certainly, but unfortunately for Watchtower the world is already into video making. Youtube is full of channels by ex witnesses that show very clearly the truth about this destructive sect. The first thing most people do now, when they come across something new that they are interested in, is go online and often to youtube.

  • smiddy3

    I think Vidiot got it right on another post Gorby.

    Ten bucks says that if they follow through on it, it gets sold to a mainstream movie or TV studio (for a profit) within a decade. You gotta admit, it's a step up from flipping Kingdom Halls.

  • Biahi

    Certainly, on line videos will never attract young people, once they view a few of this silly nonsense, i. e. No Christmas, birthdays, flag salute, etc. fuggetaboutit, Watchtower!

  • john.prestor

    Yeah, it's a new presentation but the same old information. Their message is tired and stale.

  • WingCommander

    WatchTower has evolved over the past decade, no doubt about it. The move on digital was bucked at first, then embraced and now it is seen as the future.

    One has to remember though, that all of this media crap is really just to keep the current "Generation" of JW's and their yung wanzzzzz in the fold thru fear, obligation, and guilt. Sure, they make some dumbass cartoons or a view quick misleading clips to show at the doors on a tablet, but for the most part it's just fluff and doom and gloom to keep the rank-n-file Sheeple in line.

    Like some posters said above, who in today's day and age, after Googling them online at all, would even think of joining them? It's as silly as saying people would join Scientology after doing even 5-mins of research on them!!!!

    They will sell more and more KH's for profit, leave open only JW Assembly Halls for feel-good and money-making Conventions every 6 months (maybe down to every 3 months, so every quarter JW's get to come together in Brotherhood and donate $$$), and become an entirely online religion who will soon look like the Christadelphians in 20 years, MAX. (aging grey-hairs are the only ones left, repeating "Soon.....any day now.......soon" as they drool into their cereal)

  • Gorb

    @Wingcommander, I think you are right.

    Even JW's are talking about no need for a kingdom hall using 4 hours in a week.

    They are ready for mass closing.


  • truth_b_known

    Even JW's are talking about no need for a kingdom hall using 4 hours in a week.

    Wow! Excellent point! Think of the money member shell out on a monthly basis just to be used 2 days a week for 2 hours a day. Even with 2 congregations meeting in the same Kingdom Hall it doesn't make fiscal sense.

    The American evangelical "Disney for Jesus" churches have activities going on inside their jumbo churches 7 days a week and all hours. Whether it is services, Bible classes, social activities, etc. The Watchtower would never allow that!

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    The videos are a shot in the dark in my opinion. Won't be enough to keep people in line.

  • Gorb

    Jw's could have an upbuilding role in local community opening the hall for social gathering, events for those in need and cofee hours for the locals.

    But they chose to be no part of that world.

    It could have more than it is now, a mostly closed building with an empty parking lot.


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