Presentation by Paul Grundy (JW Facts)

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  • Listener

    I came across this recent down to earth presentation given by Paul Grundy. It's very long but provides a good overview of the JW religion and its dark side.

    It was hosted by "Sydney Atheists" so may not be an ideal link to send to JWs. Hopefully he uploads it to his own Channel.

  • jaydee

    O Oh, poor form with the mike, better go back to the ministry

    In fairness though, I guess it's been a while for him.............

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Couldn't they have brought up a mike stand for a two hour presentation?

  • oppostate

    excellent presentation!

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Thanks for posting, I watched the whole presentation. It is very recent and up to date.


    Just listen with headphones if the visuals bother you. I've been to many DC's where the visual presentation is impeccable, yet the content is nothing more than 1st Grade level watchtardedness....


  • stuckinarut2

    We were in attendance!

    It was a great evening, with between 40-60 there I reckon.

    A great mix of people, both ex witnesses and general public. It was a very cathartic opportunity. A chance to see how those in attendance who were never witnesses responded to the strangeness of what life was like for those of us raised as witnesses!

    Paul did a very good job, both during his speech and afterward as the large group mingled and chatted.

    In fact, the conversations amongst all afterward went on for quite some time... they almost had to kick everyone out!

  • Listener

    Sounds great Stuckinarut. I had no problems listening to the whole talk. It's missing the questions and answers which would have been good too.

    It was nice to hear the reaction of normal people to the many cultish ideas and behaviours.

    I thought the way he presented the organisation as unremarkable and ordinary to start with and then proceeded to explain the problems or dangers later on was good.

  • steve2

    looking forward to watching it on youtube when I can.

  • jwfacts
    O Oh, poor form with the mike, better go back to the ministry
    In fairness though, I guess it's been a while for him.

    It certainly has been a while. When I gave talks, there were Microphone stands, and no Laptops and PowerPoint slides to manage. Half way through my notes disappeared off the slides, so it was all from memory from then on, which you can tell from the decline in fluency.

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