You're in the Army Now: Jehovah's Witnesses No Longer Exempt From Finnish Draft

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  • sparrowdown

    They disagree with all forms of war and killing but child abusers abusing, shunning, breaking up families, suicides and encouraging death by refusal of blood transfusion and who can forget the great slaughter of armageddon they're just fine with.

  • zeb

    It was during the Vietnam war I was advised to oppose conscription here but to say it was my idea to leave the elders out of it.

    No non military service was allowed.

    Later this was flip-flopped as non military service was allowed. It would seem that Jehovah was confused as to what he wanted..

    In the US some young men were in the prison for refusing military and non military service when the change of direction came about.

  • steve2

    The JW spokesman reasons “we should keep the current system” which exempts JWs - but not others - from military service. The irony here is that JWs argue elsewhere thst the present system is under Satan’s control and thus doomed. The selfish JWs champion anything that gives them a benefit and that puts others at a disadvantage. If it’s good enough for Seventh-Day Adventists to perform civilian duties in lieu of military service, it’s good enough for JWs.

  • cofty

    The Finnish army were heroic against Stalin in 1939.

  • Saethydd
    I think someone should show the Finnish courts the video of a Governing Body member saying that Jehovah’s Witnesses are not pacifists and don’t necessarily reject violence as a rule. (After all, how could they do that at still worship the violent god of the Bible?)
  • menrov
    If a Christian conscientiously concludes that he could perform civilian service rather than go to prison

    They love playing with words. On the one hand a JW needs to validate if doing civilian service does impact his so-called Christian responsibilities or even prevent me from fulfilling them. On the other hand, you can choose to go to prison. Like going to prison will help one to support his family (a real Christian duty), even going to field service or kingdom hall...…

  • Tahoe

    One wonders of the hundreds of Russian JWs, that fled to Finland seeking asylum.

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