2016 RC & my family

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  • freddo

    Well done BM.

    When she asks what you've read you might respond with "nothing outside of WT literature". And you can quote page and paragraph with the help of jw facts and folk on this site.

    As you know there is enough in WT literature to show they don't have the truth. Just all the quotes about "The generation of 1914" and especially the difference and inconsistency between the recent RC "shun and don't pick up the phone video" and the FAQ's on jw org entitled Do Jehovah's Witnesses Shun Former Members of Their Religion? (Look under FAQ/About us/Practices)

    And not one word comes from outside sources.

  • LisaRose

    You did very well breaking the news and standing up for yourself. It's so sad that she feels she has to cut you all out of her life, but The reality is there is nothing in the bible that says a grandmother needs to shun her grandchildren and nobody would get that from reading the bible on their own, they need a cult to tell them to interpret things that way.

    The irony is that she will probably be more hurt by it than you or your husband and children will, your lives will go on and she will miss seeing her grandchildren grow up.

    The Watchtower, spitting families up for generations now.

  • flipper

    BEAUTIFUL MIND- You really handled that well, very well indeed. Good job. The thing that's not fair is that our JW relatives expect us to respect THEIR rights to believe as they want- but they don't respect OUR rights to believe as we want. In fact - JW's don't recognize personal boundaries at all actually - they are just drilling us with intrusive questions in order to get the " goods " on us in order to judge us according to our answers to their questions.

    It will be your mother in laws loss if she shuns you guys and her own grandchildren. You did well to stand your ground to her. Now about all you can do from this point forward is try to avoid getting caught up in what I call her " bear trapper " behavior where she tries to get you to reveal too much and then she brings the ax down on your relationship by shunning you guys. Now that she knows you and your husband's position, and you've stated your views - if she talks again try to just stay on family topics and non-JW topics about health, weather, hobbies, entertainment- otherwise I think it will just increase the tension in the situation . Keep telling her that you guys love her unconditionally and that will never change. Perhaps in her own mind she'll think about that- even if due to pride she won't admit it to you out loud. Gives her something to reflect on compared to how SHE is being hard lined towards you and your husband. I wish you the best of luck. Hang in there I have JW relatives in my extended family as well- I know it's not easy dealing with them. We are here for you. take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • BeautifulMind

    @freddo - thanks for the tip! 👍🏾 and to everyone, yes, we have a difficult road ahead. She is now going to tell the rest of the family I'm sure. One silver lining is both my brother in laws have known this since around October last year and have kept it to themselves and treated us no differently. But from the others, we expect to be fully shunned by them as well. We will stay strong tho.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Dear Beautifulmind

    I know it is hard to stand firm because the org is essentially holding your family hostage. You have children and their future is at stake if you returned you would be raising them in what you knew to be a lie. It's a choice your children or your mother and remember she's an adult who has to live with her choice and your obligation is to give your children the best chance at a true life.

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