Understanding The Bible ... The "Linchpin" Effect

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    DY, I'm diggin' you lately..



    The Book of Revelation only shows me that John stuffed his hungry face with some psychedelic mushrooms which made him imagine all that batshit crazy non-sense!.....DY

    .............Image result for that's exactly what happened

  • JW_Rogue
    Why would God hide the key from mankind? If he is a God of love who wants all to be saved then that is a clear contradiction.
  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    The primitive Christian Church was as divided as it is today.

    One grouping of those sects is today known as "Gnostics". They taught that Jesus came from the spirit world and gave secret sayings only to his disciples. For them, Jesus' death was irrelevant. Salvation came through knowng the secret sayings. For the Gnostics there was no Parousia (Coming) because all you needed to do was "believe" (sounds a lot like John's gospel and 1 John 5 to me).

    If you need to know more, search the www for Gnostics.

    Everything old is new again.

    The Pauline sect that finally won out - because that sect was made the official state religion by a Roman Emperor - called themselves "Orthodox" (right teaching) and they declared that anyone who disagreed with them were "heretics".

    The Pauline sect declared that the writings which supported their views were Holy Scripture. No surprise there.


  • KateWild
    I consider bible-nonsense like this to be nothing more than spam. - Simon

    I understand your point Simon. The reality is if genuine people see both sides of the argument they can draw their own conclusions. I don't agree with LL, but the posts are clearly nonsense to those doubting and searching for the answers.

    I think having nonsense to draw from in contrast to logic can be a benefit......don't you agree?

    Kate xx

  • Heaven

    The Bible is a compilation of ancient stories written over the span of some 1500 years. It was an attempt at standardizing belief. It didn't work. Jesus was Jewish. He wrote nothing down. None of the writers of the Bible ever met Jesus.

    Any group that tells you THEY have exclusive knowledge of truth... is a Cult. Get away from it as fast as you can.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Oh my Dawkins!

    Brave of you to post the OP, Littleleslie.

    It will rightly be critically evaluated and torn to shreds by forum members.

    A question for you: why can't god show himself, and talk plainly rather than in riddles or 'sacred secrets' or any other BS?

    God does himself no favours whatsoever ...

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