How many of you remember the "Pioneer Shuffle " and the special "time reporting" of pioneers?

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  • Foolednomore

    I'm glad that I quit and followed my gut that told me that the whole Jw thing was BS! I'm semi-retired. Own a house, an no longer enslaved to a cult. Wish my family would wake up but that is a different story. They would have to see it for themselves. One day they will be at the meeting or convention, an something will be said and it just will not compute, then it will be wake up time like it was for me.

  • Foolednomore

    Like many here on this site. I was at a convention an something was said that just did not compute. At the meetings I started to question myself as to what was said. It was very uncomfortable. Since I was still a minor and living under my parents roof I had to put up with many unanswered questions. "Geehovah will answer your questions in time" "Wait on Geehovah, " Don't Run ahead of Geehovah's Chariot " was the response I got. I came to the conclusion that this is BS. Wish my family would wake up from this cult.

  • Marbles

    So irritating that they even call it pioneering. To my ears it is obvious they believe they are the pioneers for "the promised land" which is literally what many people coming over from Europe to America actually did believe, and who were the literal pioneers.

    My neighbor is a JW. He took revenge on me for telling two JW's who came through my open gate to my cabin not to come back. He took revenge by abducting my free roaming indoor/outdoor much loved cat, and abandoning my cat in a middle of nowhere town 25 miles away. A lady posted him as found on Facebook so I was lucky to get him back. I really wanted to call his congregation and inform them, but I was pretty sure since there were no witnesses, much less two witnesses, that they wouldn't believe me. Instead I just had to send him a cease and desist letter informing him if he abducted my cat, or, by then, a mother cat with semi-ferals I was fostering I would seek an order of protection from him.

    He has a huge warehouse of heavy equipment on his property, visible from my door. A real eye sore in a beautiful forest. The warehouse is full of heavy equipment for property development, though his own property is over grown brambles. It's my guess he has fantasies of Armageddon where everyone in the neighborhood will die and he can plow over the neighborhood and create his own personal paradise.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I did it for 15 years total waste of life. We counted time wherever we could. Even visiting someone else's bible students. 90 hours a month was really hard.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Its easy to reach time targets as a pioneer.

    All the time spent " witnessing" counts. Knocking doors--standing on the door step if no one home. Travelling to the next call. Sitting in a coffee shop for however long ESPECIALLY if you are reading a watchtower publication--if people can see you doing that--you are witnessing.

    Attending meetings..travelling there. Someone could see you doing that--so you are witnessing.

    If you have a part time your colleagues know youre a JW ?. They might ask you a just being there you are giving a witness.

    Does your job require you to think about it ? So--are you paid to think about your work ?---then why not count your pioneer time if you are only thinking about going preaching.

    Get the idea ?

    Just think about the surge in pioneer hours reported.

  • Foolednomore

    Marbles- I would have a "field day" if he would of messed with one on of my cats. For I'm a big softy when it comes to cats.

    First thing I would do is report all the junk in his yard as a hazard eyesore to the neighborhood.

    I would get my fellow neighbors on board with his disregard of the neighborhood.

  • slimboyfat

    And the “pioneer knock” - knock the door gently so the householder doesn’t hear, and sneak away from the door before they notice you.

  • titch

    Slimboy: That's called the "IP" knock---the Invisible Presence knock. Oh, yes, they are there, at the door. But, the "knock" is so low in volume that you don't even know that they are there! (They're invisible) I think that I've had a few JWs, at my door, make the "IP" knock. Which is fine with me. Best Regards, Everyone.-----Titch.

  • pontoon
    What they would say....your giving a witness even if you don't talk to anybody because they see you out there. Jeh sees you. Setting a good example in the congregation. All that BS. I had trouble believing Jeh would want anyone to waste life away doing something so unproductive.
  • pontoon

    LONGHAIREDGIRL.....Yes, 100%

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