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  • darkspilver

    Hi rebel8 - Sorry, what is "woman and her offspring" and what does a public museum have to do with jws? I am lost.

    It's the name of a tour operated by Oasis (the tour was previously titled 'The Woman and her Seed')

    Pubic museums often have arrangement's in place for the conducting of 'private guiding tours' - a number of JW operated private tours take place in both New York's Met and London's British Museum.

    Although 'private' those people walking nearby can normally hear what is being said.

    Hi Half banana - They seem to have stopped these ridiculous indoctrination sessions at the British Museum.

    Still seem to be operating...

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Darkspilver, thanks for info. I am a frequent visitor at the BM and the incident I reported would have been a midweek visit. I never normally go on Saturday which is when they must mainly be operating.

    It is a clearly defined method which the GB use to immerse their flock in a state of permanent idolisation of the Watchtower and the Bible. Don't let the flock use their brains for even one moment in case they see the hideous flaws in the indoctrination.

  • careful

    Fortunately, I have never experienced such "tours," but my immediate guess is that "the woman and her seed" (old NWT) or the "the woman and her offspring" (rev NWT) has to do with Gen. 3:15. The WTS publications have long held that those cryptic lines are the theme of the entire Bible. That is, those words were spoken in Eden and then this seed or offspring was gradually revealed piecemeal down through the history of God's dealing with the patriarchs, Israelites, Jews, and earliest Christians. According to WT theology the woman is Jehovah's heavenly organization (the angels) and the offspring is mainly Jesus and then his 144,000-member bride.

    Since this is one unique religious belief among JWs—most of them can be found in other religious groups (a point Ray Franz made in CofC)—it should not be surprising that whoever runs this tour service would latch onto it for a theme in their tour. It would fit the viewpoint, that the supposed 90% of the museum's holding are pointless, which the OP related. I suspect that it might also be an attempt to catch the attention of women who might initially think that the tour would highlight women in general down through history as testified by the art in the museum's holdings. Obviously such an expectation would end in disappointment.

  • careful

    Sorry I missed Listener's post. I was trying to answer rebel8's question which was posed after Listener's post. Hopefully I served to condense it.

  • darkspilver

    Hi Half banana - Darkspilver, thanks for info. I am a frequent visitor at the BM and the incident I reported would have been a midweek visit. I never normally go on Saturday which is when they must mainly be operating.

    Maybe it was during the International Conventions they had in London at the end of August 2014? I'm sure they would have been organising midweek tours to the BM in the week before and week afterwards...

  • respectful_observer

    Had anyone else been thru this? I just want to get along but this is was no real history, it was a few artifacts and iPad WT videos.

    Yup. I had to endure this tour. Within minutes I was so embarrassed to be associated with what the guide was saying to our group, I spent most of my time looking at other artifacts in the same gallaries. I could only imagine the other tourists off the street were thinking, "what a bunch of weirdos", as they overheard the craziness in that script.

    I did finally call the guide out on something when we were shown some object (sorry, can't remember what it was) that was claimed to be "the oldest item in the Museum" (of course backed up his whole "woman and the seed" theory). The date printed on the plaque was clearly centuries later than other items in the very same room. When I pointed that out, along with the fact that it pre-dated the WT teaching on how long ago Adam and Eve lived, he was not very happy.

    Thankfully the museum dining room served beer and wine at lunch! Everyone else in the group gave us looks for that one, like we were drinking at the assembly or something.

  • Worldling9

    These people sure know how to ruin a perfectly good day. I would have wandered away from the group and enjoyed my time at the Met.

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