Are JWs capable of a genuine discussion?

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  • FedUpJW

    Are JWs are capable of having a calm, in depth discussion about religious or faith topics?


  • flipper

    No, not until they start losing some of the WT mind control that is constipating and contaminating their thinking process

  • ShirleyW

    Are JWs capable of a genuine discussion?

    Of course they are, just as long as you agree with them on everything, that's a genuine discussion to them, as long as they make their point and don't agree with others, it's been a good day for them.

  • JaniceA

    No, most wont. but most people who think they are inherently superior to the other because of their belief system shut down others as much as their power or ability allows. The WT disassociates people formally and JWs do informally if they don't approve of like the way a discussion makes them feel about themself. They aren't unique in this.

    It happens all the time among non-JWs, religious and irreligious people. They imagine that silencing the other will make all their doubts and confusion go will silence the noise in their head. It doesn't work.

    Conversation requires give and take. When one side devalues and dehumanizes the other to maintain their world view, they can't listen and they already know they lost.

    By the way, the silencer isn't necessarily wrong in their view, but they fear that it will break their world view to hear an opposing or even contrasting view.

  • Finkelstein

    Genuinely discuss on track to their mind controlled dogma.

    Sure you may get a chance to openly discuss the organization and its doctrines but it will no doubt lead to the JWs to break off the discussion and leave, they've been instructed to oppose contravening thought, information or ideas.

    Part the WTS's construct to build an organization around and support of the top leaders (GB) is to make up alluring proclamations through spinning bible scripture, then intentionally brainwash people toward upholding those suggestions.

  • AverageJoe1

    Depends if they still have their power of critical thinking. A few in my congregation have and it leads to some very interesting discussions (and comments in the meetings).

  • LongHairGal


    There was a time I would have said Yes, but no more. Three decades ago you could have what passed for a discussion.

    Witnesses of today are in full, unthinking, defense mode. No thought process here except to stop questioning and criticism. They are paranoid about apostates.

  • FedUpJW

    They are paranoid about apostates.

    Yep. Just perused a thread over on that goof-ball site JW talk. Rabid, frothing at the mouth con-damnation of "apostates". And so proud of their salivating desire to see death come to any who do not drink THEIR kool-aid! Sick bastards!!

  • Diogenesister
    SBF Presumably because what they derive psychologically from affirming their beliefs is more important to them than open discussion and toleration.

    Absolutely. Its that simple. Its a kind of gratification they have been conditioned to respond positively Pavlov's dog salivating when the bell rings .

    SBFbecause discussion of such specialised areas of knowledge is not expressed in terms that jw's can recognize or easily understand, JWs somehow manage to come away from such encounters believing that they possess vitally important information that outside experts lack.

    This is also so very true, and like Stucky says it's frustratingly sad. They've compartmentalized " good" and "bad or wrong" knowledge in such severe and complete terms it's a sort of mini North Korea of the intellect.

    It probably explains why only emotional responses can circumvent this cult-brain architecture...if someone they love is harmed within the Org, for instance. Great post/reply SBF.

  • zeb

    In my earliest years as a jw it irked me so much that jw's together had conversation depth of paint. They were incapable of conversing on anything they didn't immediately run back to the party line or just go on about who was sick and who was sicker.

    I used to think it was just the particular cong but thank you all here and the web I now know its the whole bunch.

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