Ouch!!! The Dentist phobic speaks.....

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  • outoftheorg

    Hi Scooby, Can you tell us what this is costing you?

    The reason I ask, is a friend of mine got an estimate on fixing his teeth. He has already lost most of his molars and the dentist wants to cap the remaining and do some bridge work also.

    Well he showed me this estimate and it was for $20896.00 US dollars. I couldn't believe it. I had to reread it twice and then asked him if this is right. He said yes.

    I still have most of my teeth at 67 and they are going to get much better treatment now.


  • Warrigal

    Oh Scooby, I'll never go to England if they don't know what Vicodin is. Its the only pain killer and cough suppressant that doesn't cause me to toss my cookies. Generic form is hydrocodone bitartrate and Acetaminophen. Take 750mg and sleep a blissfull sleep all night long even if they pulled your teeth through your ears. Marvelous.


    Well Scoobz...I had so many teeth removed, I should be ready for dentures, but thankfully, what I do have left, suffices.

    I had several molars removed, bicuspids and thankfully...because of all the space, I have all my wisdom teeth.

    Dentists are a peculiar lot, but I've been lucky, I've had no pain or discomfort when I've gone as of late. I have even fallen asleep in the chair while they're drilling a hole to Vancouver.

    Anyone with young children, I cannot stress it enough: keep them dilligently brushing their teeth. I didn't have that as a child, and I paid the price dearly in my late 30s. What a pity.

    I hope I don't have to get dentures. Heaven knows with my new reading glasses etc., I'll be sporting a cane before long.

    Look after your teeth.< look like this

  • ScoobySnax

    Outof.... I was fortunate enough after a couple of hours phoning around, able to find a dentist practice that is taking on NHS patients still (increasingly more and more practices are accepting private paying patients only onto their books) and the cost is far reduced due to it being NHS treatment. I don't think I'd be able to afford to go private, as I know how expensive treatment can be (theiving gits that dentists are!) My Bill for 2 teeth removal 5 fillings and a scale and polish worked out to £188. If I decide to have implants, I have a feeling I may have to pay seperately at full private care cost, as I think this is claseed as "cosmetic" and not a necessity. Your friends bill however sounds horrendous, for that price I'd expect them to throw in a free holiday somewhere exotic at the end of treatment!

    Rayzor..... I just can't see you with a walking cane, I was thinking maybe a zimmer frame! My mouth feels better today, been swallowing Ibuprofen tablets today like they're M&Ms.......... only another 4 more visits to go!!

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