Jobs you weren't aloud to have

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  • gitasatsangha

    The one I'm doing right now. Tech work for a military aerospace contractor. :-)


  • greven

    I've always wanted to be a famous PORNSTAR!

    They wouldn't let me...I wonder why!


    Greven of the just-joking-class

  • qwerty


    It was not exactly a no no, but it was frowned upon. Now I am to unfit and over weight .


    Who needs to lose a few pounds class!

  • ChrisVance

    I wanted to go to college and major in music. I finally did go to college when I was fifty and graduated last December at the age of 53. However, I decided I was to old to major in music and majored in Spanish instead.

  • JH


    JH, it suire is good you didn't give up that job!

    I didn't give it up, but guess what, 2 years later, the Paper Mill closed. 1100 employees out of work in my town. So I lost that job. You know what, when I lost my job, not ONE witness or elder came over to my place of phoned me to offer sympathy or a solution in the cleaning business. I finally found something else (Post Canada) then (Revenue Canada) seasonal job.

  • oldcrowwoman

    When first married. I was working for St.Mary's Hospital for 7 years. The elders told my ex-husb. That I could'nt work for a catholic hospital and dealing with blood products. This was in the 70"s. I was resentful and angry having to leave. I loved my job. Ex saying you can take care of other people and but not me. HUge Red Flag. But I tried to make it work. There are no pay offs for super caretakers.

    And guess what? Cleaning business 12 years!!. Job was like milking cows 7 days a week.

    Now the last 15 yrs. I'm working in a county hospital. Felt like I took my power doing what I love to do!!! I do at times work with blood products.

    My son-in-law (faded jw) who has his cleaning business. And is going to school for gun smithing. I am sure that would'nt fly with the elders!!

    What patterns we weave!!!!!!


  • mattnoel

    I wanted to be a Police Officer - towards the end I joined anyway, I remember one elders horror when I said I start my new job on Monday in the Police - I heard a loud POLICE and I said yeah but for my role I dont have to be sworn in ! he he they believed it too - I proudly took my oath to the Queen !

  • mattnoel
    What patterns we weave!!!!!!

    When we first set out to decieve !

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