Are JW's Getting More Comfortable Discussing Politics?

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  • freemindfade

    Just curious if anyone else has observed a more willingness by witnesses they know to openly discuss politics (out of the context of the "truth")? I have noticed it within my own microcosms of JWs I know.

    1. Have you observed this?
    2. If you have, why do you think that is?

    I am sure with this last years political climate it's hard for anyone to resist chiming in. I am just seeing a trend to hear witnesses where in the past they would have not shared an actual political opinion so openly.

  • LongHairGal


    I wish the ones I know would!...The kind of ignorance I see in these grown adults is appalling.

    How could you live in this world and not have an opinion on politics?

  • freemindfade

    I saw one JW I know posting regularly in political discussion, and only in the context, not about how jehalapeno will soon fix it all.

    Also, my mom will discuss politics quite extensively without bringing in "the truth"

    I have seems some that have sort of approached it humorously, or in person actually given strong opinions.

    Just a few observations. I think many do have opinions but normally keep them down

  • Saethydd

    Well, I can't speak with any knowledge about what is discussed at the congregation after the meeting because I'm currently disfellowshipped, but I know that in my family at home, comments and discussions about politics and President Trump, in particular, are not uncommon.


    Are JW's Getting More Comfortable Discussing Politics?

    JW`s will jump at the chance to discuss politics..

    JW`s use politics as a segue, to preach.

  • sir82

    I've noticed they are quite willing to comment on political issues much more than comment about politicians.

    Gay marriage, health care, immigration - most have an opinion. Many will comment freely about it, until the discussion veers toward congress or the president or the law.

    Then the programming kicks in - they remember they are supposed to be "neutral" and shut down.

  • DesirousOfChange

    They see the political issues as things to complain about in proving that "this old system of things" in going down the drain. Most haven't spent 10 minutes to educate themselves about any of the issues of the day. They just know it's ALL BAD.

  • blondie

    A common phrase I heard among jws especially elders/MS:

    If I weren't a jw I would vote for.............

    Of course only to a trusted group of jws not to repeat to the rank and file

  • Finkelstein

    Might be the public shit storm Donald Trump has caused.

    JWs are consciously aware of disturbances and the activities of governments, Great Tribulation and all of that.

    ie. When Russia was the king of the North or the turmoil in Iraq ( old Babylon)

    The WTS has been fear mongering for a long time now , its leaders cant wait for some world event to occur like a war or something and write about it in an article, instigating JWs to talk and go on alert like ...... This is IT !

  • Spoletta

    My wife has always been very careful when we've talked politics in the past. Ever since the inauguration, being the empathetic, kind person she is, she's been very vocal about what she's been seeing. There's a once hidden ugliness in this country that really disturbs her.

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