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  • jgnat

    I have a theory about offices. Not politically correct at all. I think a "mixed" office of male and female works better. I have worked in all-female offices, and the petty bickering gets tiresome. The all-male warehouse I visited regularly had a Sunshine Girl wall, cigar smoke, scratching, spitting, "excuse my french", and disgusting bathrooms. In the "mixed" office, the women cut down on the bickering because they did not want to look petty in front of the men, and the men showed a little more polish. *sigh* I miss that office. They had the BEST potlucks. The guys did most of the cooking (on the grill) and the dishes, too.

    Very pretty women used to intimidate me. Thinking it was not right to hold that kind of prejudice, I befriended the prettiest girl in my church (roundly resented because she could have her pick). I found out pretty girls have their own problems. She had a lot of trouble getting hired, because recruiters had trouble focusing on anything but her breasts. It was just assumed she had no brain. She was witty, intelligent, and fun. I am a better person for knowing her.

    On the other hand, there were ladies I worked with that I loved to hate. Like the girl who kept hairspray in her drawer to refresh regularly through the day. I endured her engagement, and the long phone tirades she had with various vendors, as she vigorously pursued the precise shade of PEACH. PEACH bridesmaids, PEACH icing, PEACH flowers, PEACH banners. She yelled at a florist all afternoon 'cause the silk trees she ordered were the wrong shade of PEACH.

    Then we applied on the same job, and she got it. Musta been the hairspray.

  • Xena

    I have to admit when I was a dub I used to dislike other women based on their looks...maybe because I was depressed, dowdy and overweight...or maybe just because I was kinda bitchy back then.

    Funny though now that I feel better about myself I feel better about other people too.....I don't care that other women might be prettier than me....or smarter....or wittier...cause I am happy just being me. lol I like me

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