Why do (did) the majority of the general population see the JWS is a decisive fraud ?

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  • Finkelstein

    I guess one could say it really depends on the person who's being called on.

    There are obviously a vast variety of people who have some theological savvy, I remember running into them out in service and of course there are people who aren't and then there the ones who may be having some kind of personal problem which makes the JWS pitch sound pretty good.

    Once the individual is deeply indoctrinated with the designed delusion of hope which the WTS presents the struggle begins.

  • rebelfighter

    The "Elder" gave me the booklet on Families after talking to me daily for 5 years "to see how I would react". I was in my early 60's at the time. I reacted alright, just not the way he had hoped. I had raised 2 kids as a single mom with many comments your children are so polite and well mannered. They both attended college, one graduated and one dropped out after 3.5 years (far to many majors). LOL. Well the booklet on Families set off so many alarms for this worldly mother. One question I asked the "Elder" When do you ever expect your children to grow up and make a decision for themselves? I refuse to go to the borgs website so basicly it states something like, from memory, that a high school student was discussing with his parents that he was considering doing the following...... during the next school year. I read that statement and my eyes just popped right out of my head. Now that is what occurred in middle school. My kids made their own decisions in high school. Both were in college prep classes. I finally figured out what classes they were taking when report cards came out for the first semester. As far as after school activities I found out about those immediately because they needed rides. By high school my kids were pretty much self sufficient. Hell, life is tough and you need to know how to make decisions that will best fit your lifestyle and goals. My questioning of that booklet got me "Good bye, have a nice life" email no explanation.

  • Finkelstein

    There are lot of people who think the JWS are bunch of radical zealots who dont cerebrate Christmas or birthdays and other unusual rules of social behavior.

    So when they come to the door they get the you people are are just too weird.

    Jws are just trained and indoctrinated to sell the doctrines made up by the WTS. leaders, adhere to those doctrines and become righteously worthy of not being killed at Armageddon and live on into eternity.

    The catching catalyst to this proposal is the bible and the basic belief in the bible as god's word, that's another problem on its own.

  • Vidiot
    Finkelstein - "Why do (did) the majority of the general population see the JWs as a decisive fraud?"

    Maybe 'cause - it turns out - the majority of the general population are not imbeciles.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes Vidiot I also think the majority of the general public are theological ignorant and the WTS has exploited that ignorance. People who aren't critique the WTS teachings and find then that most of the doctrines are a fraud or not accurate to what is written in Scripture.

    Its all in the germane of charlatanism by men who run their own religious publishing house.

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