Please I have a question about GNLD INT'L COMPANY

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  • truthlover
    Pyramid, AMway, all in line with the way the JW org does it... get more and more people to sign up ( baptized) to spread the word about the product
  • cyberjesus

    I started 4 years ago in one. I lost 3 houses in 2008 a and didn't care Cuz Armageddon was coming... well it didn't and I lost almost a million dollars..

    So I didn't believe in mlm like many here. I was just ignorant. I joined one several from 2010-2012. In 2012 I joined one I was more trained on the industry and the business model. I invested $500 and have made $125k per year in the last 2 years and keeps growing. I have gotten 2 Lexus cars, 3 all expense paid luxury trips, am going to can cun for 9 days in June everything paid... I have helped so far 73 people earn a free Lexus and 4 people make 100k a year... so you decide if it works.

    Most people who have negative comments never have spent a year doing the activities and learning the profession. First 2 years growth is slow. But once it gets momentum it's unreal. You must have a job at the beginning Cuz income is small at the beginning.

    So don't listen to the losers... listen to the winners. Is not easy... but it's better than having to work for someone exchanging your life for money... life is short

  • Simon
    A few people also win in casino's - it still doesn't make them wise investment choices. They need a few successes to con the gullible into handing over their money and they are unfortunately enough people up the chain that don't mind that the money they get is being taken from people who can little afford it.
  • cyberjesus

    @Simon Lets address your points. First Collins asked in another thread about Network Marketing or Multilevel... So you decide he has asked the same in 2 Topics thats SPAM? and you lock the post. So my friend two different questions. In this thread he is asking about a specific company and in the one you locked he is asking about the industry... so to you is the same. That is like someone asking about the JWs and then asking about religion and you locking the second one because its SPAM.

    Now lets address the second issue. A Guy is asking a legit question. he wants to know about the industry... the loosers obviously are gonna answer negatively... and us who are making money will answer positively... so who is right? The negative claims are as intelligent as saying that Gyms are a scam.. I signed up for one and I didnt lose any weight.

    Lets keep talking... a Casino for your information is not a wise investment... is a game and the odds are in favor of the house. So your analogy is like comparing religion to atheism.... two different things. You say "they need a few successes to con the gullible into handing over their money" Who needs that? the casinos? that is called ODDS, many will lose few will win.... You enter a casino knowing the odds... and still play because of the fun.... a casino is not MLM. Casinos are not taking the money from people who cant afford it.... People who cant afford it enter with the "hopes" they can make money easy..

    MLM is an industry and is a compensation plan... The industry is no different that the Telemarketing Industry, the Infomercial industry, etc etc etc.. Labeling them is IGNORANT

    MLM is also a compensation plan... There are many products that you use that multiple levels of people got comissions paid.. Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Etc etc even now Time Warner Cable pays comissions for people to refer others.. I am sure now you are gonna go run and cancell you cable because you know they also use that business model.

    I was ignorant of the INDUSTRY like many here 4 years ago. Check it out. Its on my posts... I studied it. I understood it. I actually think is the best industry there is. I was broke. I lost my houses and had no money to pay rent. I was broke when I came to this site and thanks to that industry my life changed completely. I have helped others do the same.

    What about the people who dont make money? The great majority dont make money because they treat this business as a hobby rather than an enterprise. And they dont stay long enough to see the results.

    In my opinion is ignorance and lack of vision what makes someone lose money rather than make money...

    @collins I dont know your company, so I cant comment on it. I know the industry and although many people are ignorant and negative I love it. I am making good money and my company is only four years old. My closest friends are making $300k, $700k, $800k and $280k per month. Four years ago I was broke. I went to an apostafest in Lake Tahoe i was still a dancer.. there are pictures of it in this site.. I was broke I could barely afford the trip.. Now I travel across country 2 times per week.

    and if you dont believe it you can look at my facebook page and follow my journey

  • Simon

    Actually 3 topics ... but who's counting? (well, not you obviously ... )

    I'm glad things worked out for you. In my opinion though someone asking the questions he was asking would be best served by being given more realistic advice based on what happens to the vast majority of people with those types of schemes. I know people making money from them have a good reason to promote them.

    Referrals are not the same thing as MLM by a long way and it's misleading to suggest they are. Also, direct marketing (tupperware, avon etc...) are also similar to MLM but different in significant ways.

  • cyberjesus

    A referral program pays you per referral. An affiliate program is pretty similar. Multi level pays referrals at multi levels. The advantage of it is that it also pays comissions of the monthly purchases... the comissions are very small per purchase.. that's why people with small monthly rent purchases make little money. That's why they leave. The money comes from Having a large distribution network. And that takes time. Ergo the people longer in the business make more money because they have already built a large organization.

    That's why this biz model is soooo good for people who have experience with people do the best.

  • Simon

    The promise is always that you'll build up a sales-force working for you and benefit from their sales. This rarely works for the people at the bottom because early on there simply aren't enough new people interested to keep up the growth - it's just constant churn of people who invest and fail and the people higher up who simply bought in earlier take their money.

    MLM and pyramid sales schemes are very dangerous. They have caused economic meltdown and led to wars. The American revolution was due in part to the collapse of the east india company and pyramid schemes.

    Sorry, do not try to promote these schemes on this site any more. They will be removed.

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