How many killed by the 5 Cholera pandemics during the 1800's?

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  • Mephis

    True. But the Indian sub-continent clearly indicates huge differences to European rates. Didn't Japan have an outbreak which killed close to 1 million too? It's orders of magnitude out from, say, the 5,000 dead in Britain for an outbreak in the late 19th century. Or even the 100k in Prussia for a mid-19th century outbreak. Russia was 500k for one outbreak wasn't it?

    Most of Europe got off very, very lightly (relatively) as the pandemics headed west it seems.

  • kaik
    Hungarian cholera epidemics in 1830's according to the web infected 850,000 people from which 185000 had died. So there is discrepancies even within one country like Austrian empire. My other probability could be that Asian sources could exaggerate the death tolls, similarly did medieval and renaissance era with outbreak of Black plague. While epidemics of 1348-1352 was indeed catastrophic, so did outbreaks in the 17th century, last major European epidemics in 1711-1713 had comparable death rate to that of cholera. Yet, renaissance did not build as much plague memorials unlike Baroque era, even when more population died in 1600's than century later. When observer mentions that 60000 died in Alexandria in 19th century in city that had 50,000 people than there is something miscalculated.
  • jwfacts

    I no longer have the source of that figure but think it may have been Sign Of The Last Days - When? by Carl O. Jonsson. If anyone has that book please check and let me know the quote and what page it appears on.

  • redpilltwice

    Thank you all and of course Paul from jwfacts himself for helping me with that. I will check Jonsson's book online, their are a lot of articles and excerpts from him, I used his 607vs587bce stuff already before. I'm using this kind of information during my current fade/inactivity to throw some bait here and there and to resist the myth that our days are the worst of mankind. I wouldn't be happy if "they" from their ignorant JW side, could accuse me of misquotations either.

  • kaik

    resist the myth that our days are the worst of mankind

    Many ways the historians agree that the worst century for mankind was 14th century. The Black Death pandemic killed 100 million people in known world, where Chinese population dropped by 1/2 and European by 1/3 in matters of several years. There was 100 years war and Timur conquests that killed millions people. Only other similarly devastating century was 17th century due outbreak of 30Years War and Ottoman Wars centered in Europe, Mediterranean, and ME. Plagues in 1666-1681 were as devastating as Black Death. German population shrunk by 2/3 in that century and it took another 100 years before recovered to 1600 level.

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