Ecclesiastes 12:12,13

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  • Phizzy

    I just thought back to the new books coming out thing, and then the subsequent studying of them, and realised that when new books were supplied, I always hoped they would be better than the last lot, that they would illuminate things for me.

    Ever since I was very very young , I was hungry for knowledge, still am, but sadly, those new Books did nothing greater than the old ones, and I came to realise they were re-hashing the same stuff, like a not very imaginative cook, who presents "meat and to veg" at every meal, just slightly tinkered with.

    Their Spiritual Food was always the same grey slop, and not nutritional either.

  • hoser

    I remember calling on this lady in service that told me they were really poor in the 1950’s and jws would come around driving a Cadillac selling books. She didn’t want them but her husband would buy and they really couldn’t afford the jw literature. 40 years later she was still very bitter about jws. She mentioned the name of the jws that were preaching with the caddy. I knew the family. Loud show offs in the congregation. Well connected multi generational jws.

  • punkofnice

    I recall getting the new 'publications(tm)' hoping they'd be amazing and 'upbuilding(tm)' ...but usually they were boring sh1t.

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