Why does the Society lie about not soliciting funds from door to door?

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  • truthseeker

    Recently, it has been said that JW's do not solicit money going door to door.

    If this is the case, then why are the following points going contrary to what the 'official line is' ?

    1-The CO counselled the congregation recently saying that 'not enough people were mentioning the donation arrangement'.

    2-We are 'told' to mention the donation arrangement every time there is a presentation on 'What to say about the magazines'

    And yet, you would think that if mentioning the donation arrangement was so important, why is this not mentioned for each magazine presentation on the 'What to say about the magazines' column?

    Something fishy going on here?

  • JT

    not really anything fishy as much as it is the wt doing what they do best

    speak out both sides of thier mouths- this is just another example of the double speak

    recall how we would tell folks in service that JW WERE NOT THE ONLY ONES TO BE SPARED DEATH AT ARMEGGEDOM

    yet each study lesson would tell you that only those SAFELY INSIDE GOD VISIBLE ORG WILL MAKE IT

    the wt has mastered the art of double speak

  • Scully

    I think in actuality, most JWs are terrified to bring up the donation arrangement when they go door-to-door. I never used to mention it, for several reasons: I always made sure that I made my own donation for them whenever I picked up my mags at the KH, and I was pretty generous about it too; secondly, I wasn't about to start keeping a separate change purse for "literature contributions"; and third, I did not think it was appropriate for the WTS to receive MY donation for the mags, and then another donation for the SAME MAGS from the householders. As well, asking for money was something that felt "dirty" - the way the WTS always described the way "Christendom's churches" would pass around a collection plate. I felt it was hypocritical of them, and I knew they went to that arrangement specifically to avoid paying taxes. It was my way of protesting their hypocrisy.

    Love, Scully

  • JT


    you will not believe how many of us felt the same way and for many who still are jw they too feel the same way

    in my exp rarely would the publishers ask for money it always took a visit of the co and then in 3 weekd they went back to NOT ASKING

  • undercover
    I did not think it was appropriate for the WTS to receive MY donation for the mags, and then another donation for the SAME MAGS from the householders

    I think a lot of witnesses question this one, but are afraid to speak outloud. It struck me as kinda crooked when it was first instituted this way. Pick-up the mags, make sure you make a "donation" each month for the literature picked up. When "placing" literature with a householder, make sure to ask for a "donation". So the same book or mag is paid for twice(if everybody followed direction). Make sure that you place all "donations" from householders in an envelope or change purse marked "contributions to the world wide work" and make sure that they are placed in the box at the hall. What a neat little scam. Only one problem. It ain't workin. Most honest, sincere(but clueless) witnesses know inherently somehow that this doesn't sound honest and thus are afraid to ask for donations. They would rather pay out of their pocket then embarrass themselves to ask for it.

  • freedom96

    They are simply covering their ass with the IRS.

  • ChakkaConned

    I must have been the cheapest JW around. I let that whole "pubs donate money for the literature first" thing go right over my head. I would pick up my mags and not think twice about donating at that time. Any money I received for them in FS, I would then put in the contribution box. I had the attitude toward the society of...."I'll donate my time, YOU donate the literature".

    And I didn't push for donations either. I usually felt imbarrased doing that because it really did make me feel like a "peddler of the word".

  • NameWithheld

    Me too. I left no $$ when I picked it up, and rarely to never asked for $$ at the door. I just felt cheap saying "The mags are free, but please give me some $$" So I just didn't ask. I was an abuser of the system

  • sf


    Also in the search results:

    Who's Deceiving Who Pt 6.
    ... an organization: "...we were able to get access to the IRS's national database ... The
    Faith." The organization was to be known as the "Watchtower Committee." In ...
    exmormon.8m.com/evenson3.html - 39k - Cached - Similar pages

    I'm not sure if the above link pertains or not. It was just a 'hit' that seemed as if it was, so I posted it for others to search further.


  • amen

    Well, i think the society knows very well about human natures. If the person that accepts the magazine does not pay they remind us that we should pay from our pocket. It is well know among publishers that we pick up the tabs.

    We should feel sorry for the society that's what they want us to get the message.


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