Clap for the Carers (or Don't it's Forbidden)

by Slidin Fast 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • Rocketman123

    Those of us who did it should be ashamed of ourselves.

    The background reason which spurred this on was due to the fact these health care workers were putting their own life on the line to help people who got direly sick from Covid.

    A few of these workers actually got infected with the virus themselves and died because of that.

    This is just another indication or instance of the self identifying perception of power JWS (Elder) men build up around themselves, they are inundated with god almighty spirit you know.

    Having the power to judge others is a grand thing, even if it is recklessly stupid.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    If people wanna clap, let them clap. If they don't wanna, then don't clap. It's no biggie.

    Agreed, the biggie is making it into a matter of religious right and wrong, judging others about it.

  • SadElder

    Given this reasoning then, if a minister living next door stopped and saved your life by performing CPR on you while you were having a life threatening incident, you should not thank him but turn your back on him. What a crock of moldy Watchtowers.

  • mynameislame
    All they did is make more work for the JWs after the big A. Think of all the bodies of the people that didn't die of Covid that will need to be disposed of.
  • Biahi

    Someone still in, but PIMO, should ask the CO if Jehovah will kill me at Armageddon if I clap.

  • kramer

    IF this was said at this meeting, it was this CO’s personal opinion. It wasn’t in the outline.

  • Phizzy

    " It wasn’t in the outline.", more than likely not, but it could well be that something has been said "from above" that he has picked up on, his words would probably not be condemned as wrong by the G.B.

    This whole " Clap for Carers" is a farce to cover up the disgusting way this U.K Government is treating them, they ALL deserve a wage increase, they cannot buy food with claps.

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