~~~Blessed Beltane!!~~~~

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  • Sirona

    Hey everyone,

    Have a blessed beltane!

    for those of you who don't "do" beltane, Happy May Day! I'm particularly looking forward to the Beltane celebration we're having on Saturday - we have a maypole - its a good party. Sirona

  • Sirona

    What no replies?

    I am disappointed!


  • gitasatsangha

    On this day never forget the sacrifice of our fellow men and women in the struggle for workers rights. On this day so many years ago the Haymarket martyrs were slaughtered by American fascists.




    the dream is still real


    one heart at a time

  • Mystery

    Happy May day.

  • manon

    Hi Sirona,

    Blessed BELTANE/ happy 1st day of May to you also. I have a moon calendar and yesterday was Roodmas Eve and today Beltane Day what does this mean???? I'd like to know.


  • Ravyn

    April 30th/May 1st at midnight was our 6th anniversary! And the first one fell on a Wednesday too! Last year on May 1st(also a Wednesday) we had our church wedding to keep the in laws happy and give our friends a chance to party. The first ritual 6 yrs ago, was however, a true Beltaine celebration with a hand-fasting. Now since we became err.....'partners' from then on and repeated our hand fasting vows the next year--on a moonlit beach in front of witnesses...are we celebrating our 1st, 5th or 6th? LOL I don't know for sure---so we just have to celebrate all of them. We had a private celebration last night, but on Saturday we will have a more elaborate ritual with a nice meal and a bonfire.....followed, I am sure, by more of the private stuff.

    originally the Beltaine celebration last 6 days and culminated on May 5th. So anytime within that frame is acceptable to do any rituals. Also the New Moon is helping things along giving a fresh start aspect to any decisions made at this time and especially for the birthday Tauruses, in whose sign it is passing.

    So grab a bull by the horn and slip off into the woods to make something new happen!


  • Witch Child
    Witch Child

    Happy Beltane everyone! Ooooo... sneaking off into the woods with my sweet vampire... sounds awesome! ~Witch

  • Seven

    Blessed Beltane to you Sirona!

  • Sirona

    Thanks everyone.

    Manon, I'm not sure of the exact answer re Roodmas. Sorry.


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