William Miller

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  • JoenB75

    Personally I am currently not sure if we are in the Millennium (Amillennialism and Preterist Premillennialism), if it is past (Transmillenialism and Preterist Premillennialism) or future (Postmillenialism). It is not of that much relevance to me. Revelation 20 is so abused. I believe we are in the Meditorial Kingdom for sure ☺️

  • minimus

    Good thread! I always find it interesting to realize that Pastor Russell and his Russellites And the Rutherfordites and JWs simply stole their ideas from men before them.

  • vienne

    Russell was never a Mason. This is the most uninformed bunch of posters I've seen here in ages.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Was it not on this site that there was a Canadian historian who took the position that Russel was influenced more from the "Plymouth Brethren" than Miller? Not a major point but it was an interesting presentation he made.

  • minimus

    Supposedly he wasn’t a mason but he sure was influenced by the masons!

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Lest we forget, WT (Russell, Rutherford) referred to William Miller as "Father Miller" till the mid 1920s.

    Len Miller (no, I'm not a relative)

  • Overrated

    Russell, Rutherford and Miller the most demented people to pull this crap off.

  • cofty

    vienne - Is it fair to say that Miller was one of many Millenarians of that time and that he had an influence on Russell? Who would it be accurate to identify as the source of the Millenarian movement?

    I'm putting those books on my xmas list.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    vienne15 hours agoRussell was never a Mason. This is the most uninformed bunch of posters I've seen here in ages.

    It probably would have been enough just to say what you had to say about Russell and then leave it at that. Why the nastiness? We come here to share ideas and become informed. I'd prefer an uninformed poster to a nasty one. Misinformed posters can be quickly and kindly enlightened but nastiness lingers on.

  • trillaz

    It might be sufficient enough to note that CT Russells' interest in forming his own group was due, in part, to his rejection of Miller's predictions. CT, might or might not have formed the bible students without Miller but that is an unknown.

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