Is it 16?

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  • Incognito
    My ex won't accept that things are over between us completely, it's like he can't hear it no matter how clear I've been.

    I bet being served divorce papers would force him to realize differently.

    What is his position with custody of the 1 year old? As I think you are moving a considerable distance away, will your 'ex' expect shared custody?

    With regard to the rental house, as mentioned, I doubt there is any legal requirement within your lease that requires you must be a practising JW. You agreed to a place to live in exchange for rent payments. If the owners have a problem with you no longer attending meetings, then let them break the lease, freeing you to find another place.

    Alternately, you likely could find someone else to sublet the house, thereby freeing you to move elsewhere.

  • ttdtt

    NO its not true.

  • Incognito

    ttdtt - ?

  • Jrjw

    Hes not allowed our son on his own until he is past the age of being classed as In the vulnerable age range. Around 4 year old and even then he'll be monitored. We have a written signed agreement for supervised contact in place.

    On the tenancy agreement it states nothing immoral or untoward will go on in the house. Don't know if they get to decide what that entails if I disassociate myself. Someone suggested going to the council a few months before my tenancy ends and explain I'm leaving the religion and will be shunned and may not get lease extended because of it and i might get a house that way so I'm guaranteed a place to live until i find somewhere more permanent. I'm tempted to write my disassociation letter so I can have the satisfaction of it being ready to hand in as soon as my living situation changes. I can't imagine an elder and his wife who both pioneer want a person who's being shunned if I disassociate myself living in their house any longer than they have to

  • Jrjw

    They said before i signed the lease they're pleased they're renting it to a witness otherwise they'd just sell

  • moreconfusedthanever

    If they are happy to baptise children as young as 7 and hold them to this life choice for the rest of their lives then they must also accept that children as young as 7 can choose never to join the religion.

    When I was growing up and not wanting to go to the meetings I was told that as long as I live under their roof, I would need to go with them and do as I was told.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Have you thought of the idea of informing the JWs you will be renting from that you will be leaving the Witnesses and give them the option to cancel the contract?

    P.S. If you change your mobile remember not to call him from it or he will have your number recorded. Without your new numbet all contact with you can come through your father alone. Bye bye phone harassment.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    @jrjw: I can't imagine an elder and his wife who both pioneer want a person who's being shunned if I disassociate myself living in their house any longer than they have to

    just explain to them you are quiting the cult and want nothing more to do with it. and if they decide to TRY to cancel the tenancy----you will need compensation for removal and relocation expenses.

    if youre in the UK--citizens advice is your next port of call.

  • ttdtt

    incognito - I was an elder for 20 years, there is no written rule about that in the USA.

    Parents have the responsibility to "train up their children," and obviously there is massive pressure for early baptism. But there is no edict that a parent MUST bring kids to the KH until they are 16.

  • stillin

    My kids respected the rule. If their feet were under my table, they abide by my rules. They came to meetings, rolled their eyes, used the bathroom a lot and got their own lives together and moved out as soon as they could.

    The last one was the worst. Lots of rebellion. We explained that we wanted to have a good relationship with him for the rest of his life and that he was going to make that difficult if he continued like he was. We helped him to get started with a home purchase. He did well flipping it and although my wife is fully "in," we do alright with him now.

    The Witnesses would have you burn or blow up all of the bridges and turn your back. A calm heart and cool heads will do you the best.

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