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  • steve2

    Oh, local congregations have always had "dudes" like this guy: Tolerated because of their gregariousness and their appearance of still being "spiritual". Now the internet makes these types more visible.

    No way would a guy like this ever be appointed as an elder...or ministerial servant.

    The question becomes, What would he need to do to be reproved by his body of elders? He's got an obvious knack for social media and - I'd suspect - pretty bored with anything other than the social, networking connections of being a JW. I'd doubt he would be strong on doctrine or policy - if he were, he would not last long in the organization because he'd realize very, very little "adds up" within the organization.

    He'd be completely at home in the LDS (Mormon) church - where his type are a dime a dozen. Real cool dudes with their trophy wives.

    Margaritas anyone?

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