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  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Does anyone know if JWTalk is a real Jehovah Witness forum?

    Are the owner Bob & an admin Jerry in good standing in their congregations? Or just apostates posing as JW's?

  • wannaexit

    To my knowledge and experience, yes it is a true blue pro witness community.

    The administrators are like bloodhounds. If for any reason they peg you as an apostate, bam you a banned.

    As to whether they are in good standing, I don't really know. One thing for sure, the governing body doesn't approve of these forums, so they are bucking the trend and breaking their own rules by overstepping theocratic order.

  • millie210

    Bob used to have an Instagram account and he showed pics of himself with friends after service and going to assemblies and so on. I didnt realize he was the owner though..I thought he was one of the Mods.

    The impression I got was that he was one of that "new breed" that are very social about their JWism but still smoozy enough that they never set off the powers that be.

  • disfellowshipped1
    Which congregation in Northeast Ohio? Does anyone know?
  • dropoffyourkeylee
    I looked at it once and decided I didn't have the patience to look any further. Glad I'm out
  • disfellowshipped1

    JW Talk is a great resource for inside info... but you have to be careful what you say or you'll be banned. Watchtower can't be happy though about the leaks that end up being grabbed out of there. I wonder how the elders allow them to stay in good standing while revealing links and info to an inner small circle of us.

    A few of us on this forum also have accounts over there. One of us is in the inner circle ;-)

  • wannaexit
    @disfellowshipped1 I applaud anyone that has the self-control not to jump in on some of those thread. I couldn't take it. I was banned quite early on.
  • freddo

    I know it's cringeworthy but if he has a huge following then this will feed the apathy and make it all the more mainstream. It's got to erode the GB's control even if only at the edges.

    How big is his forum? Oooh ... err ... perhaps size does matter!

  • minimus

    What do you know about the other guy, you sleuths??

  • Simon

    Trawling through people's social media accounts and posting their personal information is intrusive and will not be tolerated on this site - all those posts have been removed. The operators of that site have every right to run it how they want free from harassment. Refer to our terms of use / posting rules.

    Insulting, harassing or bullying an individual

    We will not tolerate people using the site to try to enact any kind of revenge or retaliation against anyone whether that is due to some offline incident or some opinion they have expressed on this or any other site.

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