The glaring inequity between the 144,000 & the Great Crowd

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  • deegee

    There is a glaring inequity between the 144,000 & the Great Crowd (GC):

    The GC will experience:

    1. The Great Tribulation - a gruelling/horrifying time which has never occurred before.

    2. Armageddon.

    3. A thousand years of “loving” molding and refinement.

    4. A second Armageddon at the end of the thousand years.

    The 144,000 will experience NONE of these things.

    Isn't it strange that the GC has to prove themself so much but the 144,000 don't???!!!!

  • truthwillsetyoufree


    you are amazing! I had never thought about that before and it's shocked me. How did I not see that?! You would expect the 144000 to go through all that to make sure they are fit to serve as 'kings ands priests '. I'm making a note of this and will be using it from now on.

    Good work, Deegee

  • Sanchy

    Agreed 100% with truthwillsetyoufree. I just never thought of that point deegee. Thanks for posting.

  • atomant
    Yep once they leave their imperfect biological body they are immediately transformed into a perfect angelic being.What a crock.
  • Bobcat

    The problem is really the WT's interpretation. See the various links in my post here. Some of the same research was also posted here.

  • Zaccheus

    Oh, let's see, a few other things the Great Crowd must experience while the 144K dance around the throne of heaven. . .

    1. Being brow-beaten into submission by the 'remnant class' as represented by the governing body.

    2. Falling into a state of panic and anarchy when the governing body leadership disappears upstairs just before the big A

    3. Being forced to clean up that big mess after the big A (then EVERYONE will have to work for a janitorial company)

    4. Being forced to remain married and have sex with only one person for all of eternity

    5. Having to explain over and over again to resurrected men why they can't let their beards grow out

    6. Having to explain over and over again to resurrected women of the pre-patriarchal age why they must cower to a bunch of baby-faced men. . .

  • atomant

    How does the governing body explain to god about all the false prophesys they made whilst alive on earth?

  • smiddy

    deegee , you could also add the glaring inequity between Satan and humans.

    Look at the punishment meted out to Humans /Adam & Eve AND all their offspring down to you and me.

    Not only death which was all that was mentioned in Genesis apart from Eves birthpangs in pregnancy and Adam dealing with weeds in the garden.

    What wasn`t spelt out was all of the EXTRA suffering humans had to endure .

    All of the diseases , debillitating illnesses ,undignified afflictions ,suffering of children under these circumstances ,old age , dementia , Alzheimers ,blindness , the list goes on and on.

    In contrast what punishment did the instigator of the human failing get ? Zilch , Nothing in comparrison , nowhere near it.

    Satan and supposedly all those who sided with him , could still have access to heaven , converse with GOD , and still have freedom to roam the earth creating more havoc among mankind for thousands of years to come down to our present time.

    With none of the suffering experienced by humans from an angelic creature? who witnessed the creation !

    Is that not a glaring inequity ? One that is far more glaring than the G.B. / 144000 ?

    I`m sorry , I don`t mean to take away from your post , I think both points should be taken into account showing the scales of justice are heavily outweighed against humanity and that GOD is indeed partial.

  • deegee

    Now we see why JWs want to be a part of the anointed/144,000 and why the number of memorial partakers has been seems the rank & file have figured out which is the better group to be a part of, LOL.

  • Vidiot

    Authoritarian high-control groups have always fostered elitism.

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