In praise of Randall Watters

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, Simon, Randy, and Angharad:

    The brother who took me out in service for the first time (1967), in San Francisco, CA, was, likewise, the first to introduce me to "The Free Minds Journal." There, I learned of Simon's website. Like many of you, I became acquainted with Armageddon Okies and Net Soup and WT News. I believe when I clicked onto the News I "saw" Simon for the very first time.

    What hit me over the head, however, were the stories of Nils and Sherry Jansma -- dear friends at Bethel -- and of Terry Walstrom. I was incredulous.

    Very importantly for me, later, when Randy and I became friends, was his support and enthusiasm for my writing, particularly my thread, "Ask Happy Homemaker!" where I waxed comedic with my experiences, and beyond, as a janitor. He even featured it on his site. I never could thank him enough for his believing in me.

    Love to all of you . . .

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    There is nothing easy in the journey Randy has taken, they are rough, just a down right bitch. The physical conditions encountered from the vast investment of time sitting that deteriorates hip sockets and lower spine is to live with pain that won't go away. It takes a big man to endure both the journey and the pain. I have been there and done all of that.

    My 26 year writings have not appeared on any web site but they were the ones the WTBS referred to in their famous 2013 "Human Apostate" talk where they said "now apostates are writing to the homes of the publishers" that was my workmanship. What was accomplished there was penetrating the church's wall of silence enforced by shunning policy to plug into the internal church 'grapevine' to where I had open access to minds. I go by the handle "Rabshakeh". That has been a 26 year mental chess match between me and the church Service Dept. which has been set on a stage viewed by the local 'grapevine' of which the church has been unable to shut down.

    I have had to learn the hard way that writing projects take more time than what was envisioned when the project was started.

    The Watchtower has been the architect of its own demise by means of their own policies. The events since the Conti case really are developing very fast as church 'policy' is more and more becoming the focus of the "governor" 1Pet.2:14-16. A lot has happened since what ever project Randy and Barbara discussed how ever many years ago, of which is going to affect the development and direction of said project.

    I too had an occasion to talk to Barbara a few years ago, she asked me if per chance if I was the guy in Northern Calif. who wrote the most offensive letters of any one in the USA to Bethel when she was a researcher, to that I said bingo. In this thread there are two giants being talked about, neither have been diminished! This situation is just a part of the nature of the journey. Once one can conceptualize a true 'movement' that focus on breaking the mental bondage of 'Babylon' then is to understand this situation is just part of the process.


  • crownboy

    I first starting reading this website because Randy would link topics from here on the homepage of his website. His website was important in me realizing the fraud the JW religion is. I was (and continue to be) impressed by his measured and reasonable writing style while addressing his audience. I think the old "Quotes" website may have been my first exposure, but Randy's website really helped me put a lot of that raw information into context.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    As time passed, where once I had only the desire to do my part in bringing down The Watchtower, I began to see that I might be able to play a part by making THE MOST DANGEROUS INFORMATION IN THE WORLD available to seekers of truth wherever they might be in the English-speaking world.

    I decided to re-publish old (public domain) Watchtower publications.

    The most important of these, I felt, was "MILLIONS NOW LIVING WILL NEVER DIE."

    I bought an authentic antique copy of that damned booklet and set to producing my replica reprint version. I made a few "editorial decisions:" my replica reprint would be LARGER than the original. This served two purposes: 1) it made it palpably evident that this was NOT the original Watchtower edition and 2) it was FAR easier to read with the ENLARGED PAGES, each a high-resolution digital photograph of the original page.

    These pages were further digitally enhanced to remove the ink splashes and occasional malformed type in the original booklet.

    Some were CRITICAL of these changes. I ignored my critics, feeling that when they began their own publishing effort they could feel as free to do what they wanted to do as I felt I was.

    No one "assisted" me in any way. I had no 'minions' doing my bidding and all the outlays for equipment and materials came from my pocket. For a brief while I had fun with the creation of the UADNA organization - the "Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America" based on an orbiting space platform. That was done to stoke the paranoia that the Brooklyn Org was beginning to feel.

    But it was all just me -- I bought the antique originals at the asking price from those selling the antiques. I paid Randy Watters $300 for one copy of "THE WAY TO PARADISE" by W. E. van AMBURGH. I asked for no discount and Randy offered none.

    The hard-copy replica reprint of "MILLIONS NOW LIVING WILL NEVER DIE" is priced at $9.99. LULU gets the lion's share of the price for production costs and overhead; I get between sixty-three cents and ninety-nine cents royalty for each copy sold, depending on who sells it.

    I thought it might be nice if some of my replica reprints were available on Randy's FREEMINDS website, so I asked him if he would be interested. Here are the terms we agreed to: I would pay IN FULL for each of the hard-copy replica reprints and would pay IN FULL to ship those replica reprints to Randy so that his investment for the entire lot of books was $0.00. If you bought one of my replica reprints from FREEMINDS, know that 100% of what you paid Randy was pure profit for him. After all, he's one of the good guys, and as a "pastor" he is accustomed to the parasite lifestyle.

    He's working for YOU, you know.

  • smiddy

    Randy and free Minds was one that i came across in my early days that i an gratefull for .And thanks for the reminder Lou Bou to of jan Groevelde from Australia Qld who had a big part in my ealy exit from the cult.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I want to clarify something I said: "No one "assisted" me in any way. I had no 'minions' doing my bidding..."

    Actually, there were many who assisted me, but I didn't treat them like "minions" and compensated them for their assistance, without which I would have been less successful.

    I treasure those friends I have worked with.

  • Dogpatch

    I never offered ANY replicas of Watchtower publications, only the real thing, most of which I purchased on eBay. Identify yourself, you liar.

  • JWdaughter

    Randy and I corresponded years ago. I like the guy. He has done too much good to let one confusing post turn me off. I hope there is some peace here soon in this matter for everyone that I like and respect.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I have identified myself, Randy. I am the person who is behind

    and who donated some of my replica reprint titles to FREEMINDS at no cost to you because you were unwilling to assist me unless it cost you nothing to do so.

    Maybe you took all the books I sent you and put them in the garbage.

    Maybe someone here can recall buying some of those replica reprints from you.

    Maybe your memory is failing you.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Randy, I owe you an apology, because I made a mistake. My mistake was that my recollection was fuzzy. Although I _AM_ the publisher of the "replica reprints" to which I made reference above, I am also the publisher of THIS book... does it ring a bell?

    I had confused the titles involved in my earlier description of the way you "assisted" me with the distribution of the 2nd edition of Tony Wills' book, "A People for His Name." As I outlined above, you were willing to offer "A People for His Name" for sale on your FREEMINDS site only if the books were provided to you at no charge, so that you would be the sole beneficiary from those sales.

    Ring a bell?

    Go ahead, deny the facts; call me a liar.

    Have you ever heard of the "Wayback Machine"? Yes, it is named after the amazing device featured in the "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" segments of "The Rocky & Bullwinkle" cartoon show, but the one I'm talking about is REAL -- it's no Bullwinkle.

    Mr. Peabody, Sherman, and the WayBack Machine!

    Its formal name is The Internet Archive - - and it preserves, as of right now, 279 BILLION snapshots of web pages!


    Here's one I am especially fond of right now: a snapshot of the FREEMINDS STORE from May 8, 2012! LOOK! You're offering copies of "A People for His Name" for sale!

    How's that Memory Muscle working now, Randy?

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