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  • NaruNaruChan

    The more you straddle the fence, the more you let yourself stay indecisive and not decide whether to quit or not. You'll go back if you go occasionally, or you'll leave.

    I quit going six months ago, when I stopped believing it was worth something to be there.

  • mustang

    I don't think so:

    currently, I have missed 7365 meetings, not counting Ass-emblies, Conventions, Memorials and any special occasions.

    I think that I may be "spiritually weak"

    but, I am proud of it!!!!


  • GentlyFeral

    Disassociated 1995; haven't been inside a Kingdom Hall since 1994.

    Never going back.


  • calamityjane

    Welcome Girl on the Fence.

    You have to decide to jump off that fence, and join on us on the "dark side" At least that's what the dubs want to believe that we are doomed now.

    My hubby and I stopped going very abruptly in 1994 and I have not set foot back into that hall since (except for a funeral, to pay my respects).

    When you finally make that decision, most of the load of this world will be taken off your shoulders. It's amazing how free you feel when you finally make the break.

    Ya gotta do it cold turkey



  • SpannerintheWorks

    Why do you still go to the meetings, even though you no longer believe the Watchtower crap?


  • amen

    Welcome Girlonthefence,

    I recently left and i don't forsee puting my feet in any kingdom hall except for business. There is no truth in that organization and i will be a waste of time to hear a talk. i would rather read a pasage from the bible instead of going to a meeting.


  • mustang

    Welcome, GirlOnFence,

    I felt like straddling the fence for many a moon. In fact, my basic strategy has always been to go further away and SAY NOTHING with any contact. This has kept me from real confrontation with the "Olders"

    A problem with going to a meeting is that there is always a GREETER: someone who comes up and introduces itself and PUMPS YOU FOR INFORMATION. Sometimes this is a pUBLISHER that is desperate for a Bible Study. Sometimes it is one of the servants. IT IS ALWAYS A NOSY BUSYBODY.

    The servant's will get around to your status and will ask for REFERENCE'S: can you spell BACKGROUND CHECK???

    Little good can come of this encounter.


  • blondie

    My question is, GirlontheFence, would you go if it were a congregation where you did know anyone?

    If so, then it is for the information given from the platform. If not, then it is because you might have little or no social contacts outside of the KH.

    Eventually, those at the KH may help you make the decision. Spotty attendance is not acceptable and pressure will be put on you to attend more. Some might start avoiding you, perhaps personally marking you, and others may follow their example.

    Do any at the KH associate with you socially outside the KH? A friendship that is described as "if you go to all or most of the meetings, I will be your friend."

    Blondie (did the slow fade, no longer attending meetings)

  • Ghost of Esmeralda
    Ghost of Esmeralda

    Welcome, Girl on fence! (I look like a newbie but i'm not, new username, I've made more than 700 posts under my original one)

    I've only been in a hall once in the past five years, that was to attend a memorial service. I have never had the desire to go back...guess I heard enough of it in my first 25 years to last me a lifetime.

    I'm in my early thirties now, it's been, oh, what, almost eight years since I attended on a regular basis (that long!) and I don't miss it a bit. When I stopped going, I just up and quit. I was considered 'inactive' for a good long while before more drastic 'leaving' happened.

    To reinforce how little I miss it, I happened to hear part of a meeting recently at my mother's house, she turned on the phone line thing while we were there (which I wasn't expecting). Just hearing a few moments of it made me nauseated, which lasted for two days afterward.

    So I can't go back to the hall. I'd most likely toss my cookies on their lovely (HA) carpeting.

    Eventually, you'll be ready to get down off the fence. Believe me, sitting on it is more painful than actually picking a side.

    (((((((((((((((onthefence)))))))))))))) my heart goes out to you!


  • El Cid
    El Cid

    I had given up being a JW and stopped attending meetings close to 3 years ago, but since my wife is still a Witness I still attend the memorial with her (just to be supportive, nothing more than that).

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