Was this elder full of bs again regarding the complete wt library online?

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  • Wakanda

    Hello all. This is my first time making an o.p. So, here goes. An elder told me that he had access to a website online that had all the old bound volumes and books. Also, he made sure to say it was not an apostate website, but a 'legit' website made by brothers. I really wanted to know what website he was talking about, but this guy is a master manipulator and I never got it out of him. (Change subject, deflect, etc.) I can't find anything like this except for avoidjw. Ha ha, he was probably being a naughty boy going to an apostate site, right?

    Just the fact that he had to say it was not apostate, hmmm. It was so weird I remember it even though I was totally asleep at the time.

    ps I'm not comfortable with an introductory o.p. yet, apologies.

  • joe134cd

    Most older publications are easily found in PDF form with a simple google search.

  • Magnum

    "Change subject, deflect, etc."

    Yeah, sounds like you caught him. I can't think of "a 'legit' website made by brothers", and the org would probably stop that anyway as it's trying to hide/erase its history. It wants all those old publications to go away. It's trying to start all over, and all that old stuff is haunting it. There is some really weird/innacurate/deceptive/false/etc. stuff in those publications. I'm glad somebody's keeping it all alive. I love avoidjw.org. That's probably what he was referring to.

  • Wakanda

    Thanks Magnum. That's what I've been thinking lately, and I love that avoidjw.com has so much. I can't say it has it all, because that is probably just impossible.

  • carla

    Thanks Magnum!

  • darkspilver

    I can't say it has it all, because that is probably just impossible.

    I keep meaning to upload here the WT articles that don't appear in the CD-ROM or the bound volumes or elsewhere, apparently....

  • pale.emperor

    Ones i use are:



    But i cant see them being made by a still active JW though.

  • Diogenesister

    You can access them all at avoidjw.com. Obviously this is not a site maintained by "in" jw's but all the old Watchtowers and books are there and most of the old Awakes I think. The only "legit" as he calls it he site is the online Watchtower library at me.org. It only goes back as far as 19i0 I believe for obvious reasons. It's the same as the CD Rom you can obtain.

    Welcome by the way. Also have you checked out exjwreddit?Another great resource.

  • Wakanda

    Thanks Pale Emperor! Yeah, the current JWs are too busy with current cult crap to look at old stuff that just irritates the dissonance. I'll check out the links to see if I can share my findings with family.

    Thanks Diogenesister. I've looked a little bit at exjwreddit, like it a lot. I love avoidjw.com's resources, but I guess I was also wondering if there was a legit site I could refer to as a source to a current jw.

    When I said they don't have everything I was thinking about Mike and Kim's big binder of letters and crazy extra stuff that has gotten 'lost' for lack of a better word. Wish I could think of an example.. apologies. I don't take notes and file them while watching M & K, as I live with 'in' Jdubs. But, I wouldn't anyway.

    It is absolutely b@$ $h(! crazy that referring to their own literature on an ex-jw website would raise red flags, but I know I know, it's a cult! Then that an elder can brag about access to all the literature without sharing.

    That elder must be on apostate websites... I have wondered if he is a narcissist. He's sort of charming, but boy he can turn on people. I can't imagine knowing and still working for WT whole heartedly, but it appears some do just that. Unless they are very good at faking it. IDK.

  • Magnum

    Hey Wakanda, just wanted to let you know that I accidentally hit "Dislike" for your last post; I meant to hit "Like". I tried unsuccessfully to change it. Sorry.

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