May 16, 2016 TO ALL CONGREGATIONS IN BRITAIN Re: Donations to the Worldwide Work Using

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  • OnTheWayOut
    If they have a broadcast on how "Jehovah Will Care for [Their] Needs" then don't send any money at all.
  • Lieu

    Yep OTWO, do to them as they do to you. "The Golden Rule."

    If they say I need to wait on Jah to provide for me, then they can do the same.

    A shepherd doesn't ask the sheep for money, he asks the boss if he needs more.

  • punkofnice
    I want all my money back! If I'd have known what they ACTUALLY did with that money I would have pilfered from the contribution boxes and given it to Oxfam or someone.
  • blondie
    My husband was the accounts servant in 3 congregations and my stepfather in 4. About 7 families donated each month under $75. And no under $10 amounts. Unless they had someone with millions, they were always trying to pay the local bills. Until they make it mandatory and monitor in writing they WTS will be always asking.
  • WTWizard

    I will not donate anything through worm-worm-worm-dot-jw-borg. My silver is for me, not them. And I would rather pay for more silver than donate for an organization that is working for worldwide damnation.

    Which will do me more good when the dollar becomes toilet paper. I am seeing a time when silver will be so valuable that a good wage for a day's very hard labor will be one silver dime--which will support a luxurious lifestyle. You will be able to buy a nice, BIG house with a five-ounce bar of silver. While all those jokehovians will be selling out at a loss to move into tiny apartments, I will simply buy a very nice house with one of the 5 ounce bars of silver I have stashed away. And the washtowel is getting zero.

  • menrov

    Funny...opening of letter is Dear Brothers....

    No sisters....well...lucky them

  • wifibandit

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