Young couple invited to School for Kingdom Evangelizers

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  • StarTrekAngel

    A young couple from our cong has been invited to attend the School for Kingdom Evangelizers. We found out because they rent a small home from my MIL. They came to tell her they will be leaving for Florida for one month to two months. They claim they don't know if they will be re assigned to our congregation once they finish. They are asking my MIL to put the rent on hold until they get back.

    They are in their early 30's and they moved to our cong about 4 years ago. They just finished resettling their parents to the area as well. Both him and his dad quickly raised up to eldership as they were close friends with the CO at the time.

    Just putting it out there since we have seen the layoffs happening. We knew they were already trying to get rid of the older folks but may be this is a move to accelerate the process.

  • OnTheWayOut

    If I were to 'put the rent on hold,' I would ask them to move out entirely and not expect me to lose rent while they are gone. "Put your stuff in storage so I can get a new tenant." That, or pay the rent for the month you are gone and we can break the lease after you find out if you will be leaving. (If there is no lease, even easier to ask them to leave.)

    Whatever their future, you can bet it's entirely unpaid.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    So, your MIL is out one or two months rent?

    That is a major favour.

  • tim3l0rd

    It's actually a good scam that the WT has. They are getting pioneers excited to go to the SKE. Before the accept them, they make them agree to move where ever they are asked all on their own dime. When they graduate, they tell them where they want them to go and the pioneers go. It's like need-greaters, but the society gets to direct them like SPs without paying for them.

    Many who graduated from the first classes (couples school) were upgraded to SPs, temp SPs, or temp COs. And even last years class graduates were told that after about 18 months they would either be upgraded to one of the above or be let loose to stay where they were assigned or return home.

    I suspect that's why they feel comfortable letting all the SPs go. They have an almost free and endless supply of SPs that they don't have to pay for.

  • StarTrekAngel

    LOL. Yeah, knowing her I am pretty sure she will let them keep their stuff in there and skip the rent for now. This would be her way of "contributing" to the cause. Me and my wife were discussing that afterwards and even though she doesn't see anything wrong with it, she realized this may be connected with the layoffs.

    Funny thing is when they came home to tell her the news, I was outside fixing my car. I greeted them and my wife came out. They asked for my MIL and they were already on their way in when they decided to turn around. They said.. we have to tell you something, we've been invited to the school.. blah blah. I did not say anything but honestly I was simply concentrated on what I was doing. My wife had a minute of silence and then it dawned on her to say "congrats". It was a bit of an awkward moment.

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