So JW's are not allowed to vote because.... "no part of this world." Ok then explain why the WTBTS lobbied politicians on numerous

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  • tor1500

    &&&& also, Witnesses speak with fork tongue......speak against anything until they do it and it's a victory for God.


  • Gorbatchov

    Voting is not a DF and DA issue.

    There has been a WT aricle about that in the late 90's.


  • smiddy

    Jehovahs Witnesses are parasites on society , exploit everything the Government offers and gives NOTHING back in return .,take , what they practice .

    I knew of brothers who accepted the dole from the Govt.without looking for work and happily pioneered .


    So JW's are not allowed to vote because.... "no part of this world." Ok then explain why the WTBTS lobbied politicians on numerous


    The WBT$ is a Self Serving,Duplicitous,Hypocrite Organization..

    (Have I left anything out?)

  • Crazyguy

    Was not the cult lobbying to stop a reporting law from going in to affect in Delaware or some place near there and what about the two year fight to stop the U.K. from going ahead with a commission similar to that in Australia?

  • smiddy

    Romans Ch.13 says that "Every soul should be in subjection to the Superiour authorities ,for their is no authority except by God.the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by God.

    So jehovahs witnesses could in all conscience vote if they chose to do so ( Oh yeah ? really ? )

    2 Cor.4:4 The god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers (obviously not Jehovah )

    and apparently satan.

    Isnt that a contradiction ?

    Is Jehovah God in charge of the Superiour authorities or is satan in charge of the superiour authorities or to put it another way who is the God of this system of things ?

  • tor1500


    This is how I think JW's think about this authority thing....God owns the Territory and Satan has taken over the things in the territory...that's the best I could come up with...

    See Jehovah puts everything in place and then Satan influences the people who Jehovah put in charge...see you get it now...LOL...

    JW's are just people....they are not as special as they think THEY ARE. So whatever folks are doing in the world JW's are doing it too. When they come to the hall, they drape on the new personality then when the meeting is over they take it off and do what the rest of humankind is the best way they can.

    I'm a JW, the more I'm around them the more I see they are just talk....They pick and choose what they will or will not do that the society tells them...Most of the time when they tell you what they are against and how Jehovah said you shouldn't or should do this...that's for you...they do what they want...and then don't talk about it.


  • LongHairGal


    I agree with you that Jehovah's Witnesses bite the hand that feeds them and many are stupid fools and ingrates who criticize the government.

    I wonder how they'd like it elsewhere. I can understand why certain countries don't want them.

    I really have no use for many of them who are not responsible citizens. They don't realize the benefits they have living in the U.S.

    On the other topic, as you mentioned, many in the hall are phonies who make a pretense of doing what the religion says, then they do what they want. What's the point really? Who are they fooling. What a self-deceptive religion.

  • Finkelstein

    ........but its OK for the WTS to secretly join the UN as an NGO

    Now that's what I call hypocrisy

  • tor1500

    Hi LonghairGal,

    Hope all is well and you are doing fine. Yep, that's what they do. Especially the ones that live in the NYS area. NYS is very generous. You only find this out when one goes somewhere else. Witnesses are there for the handouts but don't want to participate. Many that I know go to second hand stores to buy their clothes, and go to pantries...and so on....They don't celebrate Thanksgiving but take advantage of Black Friday...& you know I could go on...

    Before the depression, the gov't never helped the people, so people had to help one another. During the depression no one had anything to give eventually things got so bad, the gov't had to step in and after that mankind has back away from helping one another, if you ask anyone today for help they'll say, go to the welfare office or disability but don't come to me. So they think it's bad now...back then...terrible....

    I've learned to take what witnesses say with a grain of salt. One day they are overly zealous about this then tomorrow they dropped that then become zealous about something else...

    Most witnesses I know....they do exactly as they please...


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