So JW's are not allowed to vote because.... "no part of this world." Ok then explain why the WTBTS lobbied politicians on numerous

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  • kpop

    Sorry if this was posted before but if it was then it is worth repeating and discussing. The hypocrisy of the JW cult knows no bounds. Supposedly, the reason JW's are not allowed to vote is because they must not be a part of this world. Not only does voting have nothing to do with being part of the world, but it also is very important in determining our own future. It is a right granted to us by every free nation on earth. Of course, when you look up what the WTBTS has done over the years, you find that they have been involved in politics, lobbied for political reasons and done numerous things which certainly qualify more than just "being part of the world" but actively playing a part in it!

    When I was full in the cult, I always felt this reason for not voting was weak. It is one thing to not become a politician, but to deny us our right to vote is illegal and I believe someone here with a good legal background needs to pursue this. A religion cannot deny its members the right to vote.

    Knowledge is power!

  • sir82

    They are very clever. Nothing in their literature explicitly states "A JW cannot vote". It is strongly implied in writing, and (probably) explicitly stated by local elders, but you'd be hard-pressed to find anything actionable in a court of law.

  • sparky1

    Check this out at

    If they can lobby the government for their religious rights, than they can lobby the government to change the CHILD ABUSE REPORTING LAWS so that ALL children can be protected from child molesters that happen to be Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • kpop

    Sir82 I believe you are not correct. You WILL be disfelloweshipped 100% if they know you voted. It is in the elder handbook.

  • sir82

    Ha ha, no you will NOT be disfellowshipped.

    You will, by your actions, have disassociated yourself for "non-neutral activities".

    That's no accident. It's the same penalty for taking a blood transfusion.

    Legally, there is a difference between getting "fired" from your religion, or "quitting".

    Of course, we know there is no functional difference between DF and DA, but legally, there is a difference.

    You have a choice - vote, or remain a JW. If you choose to vote, the JW argument goes, you are electing not to continue as a JW.

    It's no coincidence that there is large legal department at Bethel plus a large network of JW attorneys outside its walls.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    I recall one incident in NYC during the mayoralty of Ed Koch. A group of JWs were demonstrating in front of City Hall over some issue relating to zoning. His Honor surveyed the scene from his office window, turned to an aide and remarked: "there's not a single vote among 'em."

  • steve2

    Some decades ago, I recall that JW organization joined forces with a Christian TV evangelist seeking to ensure continued tax-free status of their respective organizations. In any other context, these two were opposed each to the other; but when it came to protecting funds and assets, they joined forces. Others here may recall other details of this.

    As "Judge" Rutherford said, in a rare ejaculation of wisdom, "Religion is a snare and a racket".

  • sparky1

    Please LORD..............don't make the Jehovah's Witnesses a 'friend of the court' in my sales tax evasion case. Couldn't you send the Pope or Bob Jones or Jim Bakker to help me out? Anybody other than those Jehovah's Witnesses will do just fine.

  • zeb

    There was a referendum years ago on whether we should have 'day-light' saving. I recall the elder saying from the platform that we will not be voting in that and got a huge "Huh?' from the audience. Well I voted in that as did others.Did i see some where that voting in the US is considered a 'conscience issue?

    A West Australian state election is due 11th March.

    I have just voted.! so there!

  • tor1500


    No JW's don't vote but take advantage of every thing the government offers. They know every trick in the book on how to get over yet not vote...they are a clear example...they bite the hand the feeds them... Let's not mention the USA where they can speak freely because of our laws....the very place that allows them to be who they are, they have the nerve not to want to participate...many have died for the freedom to practice any faith you want here.

    I'm a JW, many of them go to pantries and other gov't agencies, then say, it's a matter of conscience but let you do something, like donate your clothes to Charity,then they say the org. doesn't approve....then I say, well what about God, what would he say....silence...


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