Middle class elders and pioneering children

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  • Listener

    This is a works based religion, pioneering and living in poverty because of it means they are doing so much more.

    Elders are happy to support their pioneer kids living at home, it's their way of doing 'works' until they retire and pioneer themselves.

  • LongHairGal


    Another reason the JW religion wants uneducated and helpless people there..is so that they can work for brothers who have businesses.

    Everybody’s happy. The R&F have a job; the brother can underpay them and treat them badly and not get reported.

    Of course, these grateful R&F might think they are fortunate to be working for a ‘brother’ 🙄.

    To Lurkers starting out:..what happens when Bro. Business gets older and wants to sell the business and retire? You will probably lose your job. Maybe this doesn’t matter to an older JW who has no other prospects. But, if it were a younger person, I would look elsewhere. Just my opinion.

    Also, if you want OUT of the religion, you’d feel so trapped working for a JW.

  • Alive!

    We ( husband and self) had a successful business built from pre-JW lives....nothing to do with a cleaning empire.

    It was a bit amusing to learn how vast and widespread ‘cleaning’ businesses were amongst JW families/dynasties!

    Big healthy contracts, big, big money.

    And good for them, good work ethics and drive underlined the most successful of the wealthy business owning JWs.

    The cleaning industry was perfect for the JW life model and there was a never ending supply of pioneering, clean and tidy JWs to undertake the various cleaning jobs, which gave the JW businesses an edge over other local firms.

    Carpet specialists, office block cleaners... every shape and size.

    Sounds like the ‘cleaning’ business thing is global amongst JWs?

    It used to make me grin seeing all the commercial cleaning vans turn up at conventions etc.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Wt. Elders -
    Keeping school floors and the organization clean - spotless & without blemish.

    That's pretty weird stuff!

  • waton
    It used to make me grin seeing all the commercial cleaning vans turn up at conventions etc.

    A: and the logos on the sides, rears furnished by 3M striping businesses. or magnetic sign companies. and

    pioneer sons being property managers for the real estate empires of elders that had conned gullible owners made to believe Real estate prices would go south, because of the end of the world. or

    "throwing gold", any valuables "into the streets" prematurely. and harvested by scavenger elders

    There is amazing wealth at the periphery of the poverty, charity, wt.

    Pity the true believer.

  • longgone

    I’ve also noticed that sometimes it’s people that already had a good education or career before they become JW’s that have a more comfortable lifestyle than those who were born in and devoted their lives to “putting Kingdom interests first.”

    I wish all former cult members had even minimum wage for all those hours spent in field service!

  • LongHairGal


    That is absolutely correct...When I came in the late ‘70s the older Witnesses there were comfortable and collecting a pension from being in the workforce.

    The problem was they tried to sell the poverty/housecleaning to me..Luckily, I wasn’t born in and was already in the workforce..I resisted their nerviness and worked through the years until retirement.

    They certainly weren’t looking out for MY welfare. I wouldn’t be Retired if I were STUPID enough to quit a good job and be railroaded into doing favors like some idiot for older affluent people...Really?

    I DO hate the Witness religion. In fact, I always felt the illustration I saw of an idol being hit with a giant boulder or asteroid should happen to them!

  • waton
    I wish all former cult members had even minimum wage for all those hours spent in field service!

    lg, yeah, that would be nice, special pioneers with combat pay in catholic countries. at minimum wage, now $ 2250.- a month.

    As the Creator g-o-d would/should not pay the spreaders of false prophecies, and wt will not, even if they could. Thank you so much for the M6:33 retirement plan.

  • WingCommander

    A college degree is still NOT needed to make a GOOD living in the United States. I'm a mechanical designer at a mechanical contracting firm. The men in the field that do service and installation (trades: HVAC, pipefitting, controls, electrical) make more money than me!!!!! None have anything beyond high school vocational school and Journeyman / Apprenticeships. They make fantastic money, and I almost regret switching from electrical to drafting in high school.

    There is in fact a shortage of people for the major trades in the USA. A high school friend of mine, her son just graduated from high school, and then took a welding course. He's so in demand with her certs (vessel and stainless steel) that he can basically PICK his own assignments! Starting salary: $70,000/ yr. I know of other welders with a few years under their belts making $100,000-$120,000 / yr. I'm 40, but am honestly considering a career change.

    Kids today are lazy AF, glued to their phones, and have been sold this illusion that college = high pay, good job. What they really get is a usually some bullshit degree from a liberal arts school that cost $150,000 and isn't worth wiping your ass with. Even the ones I see in my own field (architecture, HVAC, Refrigeration, plumbing) can barely use AutoCAD much less the more advanced REVIT. Dumber than a box of rocks, and arrogant on top of that and like they are owed something for merely showing up for work.

    Just me experience.

  • WTWizard

    I never saw any point in making rules that I didn't intend on following myself. Having your children living destitute while you were well off is not my idea of following your own rules. Unless the poverty is simply a matter of bad luck or a choice between that or something even worse, I simply cannot see the point of imposing it volitionally on your children. Of course, that is going on through the whole organization--pushing children to pious-sneer instead of having decent jobs. Often the parents pushing this did not quit their jobs to pious-sneer.

    At least the Nazis practiced their own rules. Hitler, born at a time when it was expected for all men to smoke if they wanted to go anywhere, ended up throwing his cancer sticks in the river before pushing an anti-smoking campaign (which is still saving lives to this date, to the extent it was copied). Do those hounders, who gleefully bash Hitler, even follow their own rules?

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