Midweek meeting

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  • nowwhat?
    Intense?! Lol! It's third grade level stuff.instead of solid good they have us drinking out of a bottle
  • brandnew

    Its sooo funny to watch the conductor ask questions, and then have to answer em himself 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Mad Puppy

  • James Jack
    James Jack
    I'm sorry, I actually fell asleep at the meeting this week, very embarrassed.
  • blondie

    Why do they have to answer any more then they did in my day...it was only 3 sisters who ever raised their hands. I remember the PO now COBOE that said if the elders, their wives, the MS and their wives, the regular pioneers all answered, there would be a minimum of 25 people raising their hands.

    silence...and then he asked everyone to try participating more and he and his wife would do so.

    I bet the brothers know who is on top of the current football/soccer league and the sisters are uptodate on all the salacious gossip in the KH.

  • loneranger

    James Jack...the "intense" comment came from an 88 year old sickly person...couldn't explain to me why so "intense"...think maybe the new chairman had something to do with it.

    Blondie...we typically have about 6-8 hands up regularly (of 160 pubs)...not many...

    now though, for some reason, that number of low participation is even dropping. (4-6 hands)

    Maybe it's just the change...but there seems to be something more that is causing people to become even more apathetic.

  • ttdtt

    The are so boring. There is NO value in them at all (from a JW perspective that is).


    Treasures from Dogs Word:
    10 min talk - here are the 3 things we want you to tell the congregation.

    Digging for crap: Here are the points we want you to know.

    Apply yourself to wandering around in a Car on saturday:

    Mindless videos - or 3 "demo talks" of the same thing with pointless "counsel" after.

    Living as X-tians

    Pointless talk

    Book Study - "we know you are almost asleep and parents with little kids are frustrated - that's why we put the most boring long part at the end. (Your Loving christian cult leaders)"


  • loneranger

    ttdtt...reasonable summary...also agree...putting the bible study at tthe end of the meeting (30 min part) as opposed to att the beginning as it was..is really tough for most.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Thanks for making me lol :-D

    Thank dog my still-in wife is already sleeping or she would be upset about me lolling her precious religion :-/ :-p

  • Bigdummy

    I made a comment a few weeks ago but our congregation's lack of hand raising.

    The attendance is dwindling and only a few raise their hands for comment. Two

    families are moving and that comprises of about a 10 people. The meetings

    are extremely boring, the comments are basically from the material and no

    extra thoughts or heartfelt thinking on the comments. The elders keep saying

    "this new arrangement is so exciting and fast paced the time just gets away. We're

    just trying to hold on to the chariot." And once again out of the blue an elder will

    bring up the fact that if the GB tells us to do something that doesn't make sense

    in a human standpoint we should just go ahead and follow direction. I'm wonder-

    ing , and I'm serious, is this statement something that the elders have been told

    to say every other week? Also another thing I took note of. Jesus was mentioned

    in the opening and closing prayer. Not one single time was his name said during

    the entire meeting. None. Zero. Nada! I asked my wife if she noticed it. She didn't

    and didn't seem to think anything of it. I told her the GB had taken his place. She

    didn't want to talk about it. I can't talk to anybody at the hall about these things

    because in the past I have tipped my hand to a couple of elders how I see things.

    For my wife's sake I wouldn't want to cause a big disturbance so I just take and sit

    with her.

  • truthlover

    Good point Big Dummy, I must watch out for Jesus name

    No change in attendance that is noticeable -- some moving out -- and yes! Elders are to be positive to keep the cong upbeat and excited about the "work"....

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