Do any of the JWs go out door to door with a territory any more?

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  • Spiral

    And to think, growing up, we had to suffer with going out three hours straight (no break) with a real 3-5 minute presentation AND literature (this is in the 60s and 70s). All sorts of open note taking on the street (and I agree, how crazy did that look to the householder watching from behind the living room curtain) and keeping your territory straight so when you turned it in you could tell the territory brother it had been thoroughly worked. By the time I was in my 30s it had been diluted to driving around looking busy.... and now, most areas not really getting worked at all, and that is normal.

    So, the trend is actually going downward, steadily. I can't see any real preaching happening in another 20 years or so.

  • EverApostate

    If the D2D Territory witnessing is down, it seems the Good news has been preached all over the World and the end is near, any time soon.

    Repent folks and return to Jehovah,

    (Ehhh...Umm.... Pardon Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Singapore and all those banned countries and pretend as if they don't exist)

  • steve2

    Good response EverApostate. From another view, whole generations of younger people in the West haven't a clue what the JW message is because of the drop-off in D2D work, to say nothing of the remote rural areas that were seldom covered even in the past, let alone now. So, if JWs dared to say the preaching work is wrapping up, they're ignoring vast swathes of the population even in previously well-covered countries who do not even know firsthand that JWs preach D2D.

  • ThinkerBelle

    I'm PIMO and havent gone out "in service" for almost a couple years now, but yes, essentially territory work is still done. When we first moved into our home almost a decade ago, the dubs came occasionally throughout the years- we're very close to a KH, not in my cong's territory though so they don't know I live there. Since I'm home Saturday morning, I haven't had any on our street except when the campaigns start for memorial/conventions. We are normally visited right after the campaign starts, funny though that this past one they approached the door, stood there, and left the tract. No knocking or ringing.

    I do know they are emphasizing informal or public witnessing now from the platform and our pubs are always losing the cards and not turning them back in.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I've recently had a couple knock on the door of a neighbor I was visiting, so it's still happening around here. They don't do our street anything like as often as they used to even though imports have increased the size of the local congregation substantially.

    My wife is going 'witnessing' tomorrow. What that consists of I won't ask.

    If I have any good news, it's that the Mormons seem to a given up recruiting in our area.

  • smiddy3

    A small group of J.W.`s were going D2D a few blocks from my place on Saturday morning and they looked to be teenagers and one young family couple with a pusher .{ poor kid unless the parents wake up }

  • punkofnice

    I asked a trolley dolly jobo, 'don't you go door knocking anymore?'

    Answer, 'Oh, very much so.'

    I haven't seen them down my way for quite a few years though. They're probably all at the pub or Costa's counting fake time.

  • JW_Researcher

    A few weeks ago a local FakeBook group was discussing the JWs going door-to-door. I joined (albeit a little tardy) with the pedophile information.

    This is how some folks in my very rural Connecticut town feel about the JWs:

    March 31 at 10:39am

    Good morning, today is a beautiful day and brings out sunshine and warmth, and also apparently Jehovah witnesses that ignore your private property and dangerous dog signs in your yard. Just a fair warning .

    Puppies and daffodils

    But my puppies don’t like uninvited guests on our property, signs are everywhere .

    pretty sure trespassers aren’t on Facebook

    but people that may want to bring their dogs in if someone comes on their property and ignores their sign might be on Facebook.

    My brother's dog got pepper sprayed a few weeks ago by Jehovah's witnesses. Knowing that people are going around town today makes me more aware of what my animals are doing.

    thats so messed up!!!

    what?????....if anyone comes to my house today I will answer the door and tell them to spray me and see what will happen... I'll make sure they know we are aware of thier abuse of animals

    they pepper sprayed one of God's creatures??? Oh the irony! (That's awful, they shouldn't trespass)

    I appreciated the heads up on Facebook! Thank you!

    that is b.s. if that dog was on his own property.those freaks are trespassing!

    This is just so wrong, esp. on Easter Weekend and Passover..I guess it is time to crank Hell's Bells and have it replay. 😉


    Or I knew someone that would bring her bible to the door and try to preach to them. Worked every time 🙂

    I'm fortunate to never get visitors, because they think I'm the devil. 😁

    While I understand it is a requirement for them to spread their word...using pepper spray on an animal when you are on private property UNINVITED is totally wrong .

    Not cool @ all !! They better not even think about making a visit :(

    When they come, I answer the door naked. Scares the hell out of them.

    [NAME] and Everyone.. It seems like the JW usually stop in, uninvited, at some of the most inconvenient times. Several years ago, I politely asked them to remove our address from their Visitors' List. They haven't been back since.

    From what I heard from a former co-worker that is a Jehovah's witness, they have to go door-to-door, but if you ask them to not come back they have to respect that.

    Sadly some dont. We get many repeaters

    Last time they came to my house I asked him if he could come back later cuz I was busy sacrificing a goat.... Haven't heard from them in years lol

    Tell them to put you on thier "do not call" list.

    You can try to hide, but they'll know. That will just get you on thier "home but hiding" list, and they'll be back.

    If they ever met my Boys with Pepper Spray, then they can expect something in kind. I've never met any JW's that were more than respectable, But if they"ve become more intrusive than their past...well I'm, ready.

    I wasn't home but heard there were 2 older ladies that came to my house last week...front walk wasn't shoveled so they came right up our back son very nicely told them we weren't interested, as he held the barking dobie😄

    Jehovah's Witnesses have a problem with pedophiles. In a nutshell, their rules require “two witnesses” to the abuse so, if a child reports abuse and no one else saw it (very likely, think about it) then the congregation does zero. I think they have recently started allowing (in some countries) the victims to report the abuse to the authorities. Until very recently, the abused would be shunned if they reported to authorities. This is being investigated all over the world including Canada ( and Australia ( Many abusers are listed here:… not certain if any are in [OUR TOWN] area.

    In a recent court case the ‘central pedophile database’ held by the Watchtower was ordered to be turned over (25K plus names) and Watchtower refused. They were fined $4K per day). It is a huge problem that they have swept under the rug.

    Most Jehovah’s Witness are very nice people. I have family who are JWs. Some, however, are far from “nice” and they may be knocking at your door offering to ‘study the bible with your children.’

    Thank you for sharing that [NAME].

    Harboring pedafiles to protect thier organization's reputation is backfiring spectacularly.

    Edit: Sorry that it lost the lines between posters. it's fairly obvious and...very mundane but a view on the D2D work.

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