Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 4-30-2017 WT Study (WHO IS LEADING) IN PARTS

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  • TheWonderofYou

    Interesting comments of R&F about the difference between GB and christianity churches .... at 46:00

    - smokers were DFsd

    - GB follows Jehovahs directions, churches do what is popular .


  • heathen

    some good comments here , something I was on to a long time ago , they say they are jehovahs spirit directed chariot yet say they are not inspired ,,, why don't they just foot note a disclaimer in ?, be easier on everyone than trying to figure that out . This was interesting as well as there was a mix up on the society and the GB titles , back in the 80s and 90s when I was studying with them the society was always given credit for the spiritual food . Turns out they are not in the LF but just the legal entity . They are pretty hostile to anyone that questions anything in print like it was written in stone by GODs finger. The two tablets now represented by the two magazines .. LOL I really don't have a problem with opinion but please don't take issue when it flies nowhere . They always like to play like they are a prophet but when asked will pull that same shell game , we never claimed infallibility. Thought the OT was clear also the new , he that speaks false in the name of Jehovah is cursed . That little switcheroo on the 1914 generation was completely out of realm to once again play prophet , now it's 2 generations , so I suppose if I question that and I will I will be marked again ...after all they just said they are not infallible

  • greendawn

    Excellent article Blondie as always. The depth of your knowledge regarding the JWs is profound and astonishing. And I love the way you unravel their subtle webs of deception.

    This Governing Body mythology was started in the 1970s when its members were demanding real executive power at the expense of the President and Vice President Knorr and Franz. For once Franz, himself a great manipulator, argues for the truth that there was no governing body in apostolic times of course because it suited him.

    Anyone with a basic knowledge of the early church know that there was no governing body in the manner of the JW one.

    James (and not Peter) was the leader of the very early church chosen for his moral qualities and because he was a brother of Jesus.

    The JWs do not explain what happened to this supposed governing body after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans and the scattering of the church or after the death of the apostles.

    They also do not explain how this dogma fits in with the division within the church with James and all the apostles and all the Jewish Christians following the Mosaic Law to the letter and the gentile Christians under Paul believing that the mosaic law had become obsolete and those under it were under slavery and curse. Paul was really scathing against those who tried to bring gentile Christians under the law. He had clearly directly confronted Jewish Christianity and the supposed governing body in Jerusalem.

  • heathen

    it appears as if the only apostle left was john who did write more things for the entire church as warnings and gave them the latest visions from jesus in revelation after 70ce , after his death tho it appears the huge apostasy took over , it is hard to say since there were only so many letters preserved as to exactly what was going on . Jesus was against taking titles of authority tho . More experienced ones were supposed to be in charge as overseers according to paul . From my understanding they LF are all martyred by the state then get resurrected , natural causes do not appear to qualify so I think it may be during the GT that the final ones actually show up but some may be around today , I know an elder that says he is

  • KiddingMe

    Great work Blonde. Thanks!!

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