What are the chances of having a one on one with GB member

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    TWO BROTHERS FROM IRELAND flew to Brooklyn and sought to speak with the GB, years ago, when Lyman Swingle and Milton Henschel were on board. Absolute refusal to meet with them.

    There's a video interview with the pair, where they express their disbelief and disappointment.

  • sparky1


    Here is the video that compound complex speaks about.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Well, how does one get in? When one enters the Society's Bethel offices, can't one find their offices and just seek an appointment? How about someone who isn't a member? Would they be more likely or less likely to get in? Who do they meet with?

    What kind of security does the building have? Certainly no one with guns, right?

    What if you meet one in the corridor and ask if he has a few moments to discuss an experience you had?

  • Chook

    Cold steel it would make a great challenge to see if any lowly one could touch the skit of your highness

  • Chook


  • Lostandfound

    A question, do they have personal security, keeping the elite secure from the herd?

  • blondie

    Today, if you want to meet a GB member you have to 1) know what they look like 2) go to a convention where they are the highlighted speaker on the day they are scheduled, sit behind speaker area 3) walk up to them in a friendly manner when they are outside the speaker area. 4) But I doubt you will speak for long.

    I had an in because of family contacts but I doubt I would be able to claim those advantages now.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Certainly they must walk the halls of Bethel, do occasional shopping, go to Home Depot or get out and do chores like everyone else. If you know what they look like and are respectful, they should feel no qualms about shaking hands and chatting a few moments, right? Living in a Washington, D.C., suberb, I've seen Sandra Day O'Connor, Al Gore and many other notables. I've seen actors, well known journalists and a friend of mine went in to pick up a pizza some years ago and a little old man in very casual clothes walked in and was waiting behind him in line. He nodded at the man, who nodded back politely and then recognized him as Admiral Hyman Rickover. It happens so often that I've lost count.

    I respect their privacy and have never intruded, but I could have if I'd chosen to. And were I a JW, I'd feel comfortable saying hello if I ran into a GB member. (After all, I help pay his salary, right, or I would if I were a member of the Kingdom.)

  • Mary

    I'd say there's a better chance of Armageddon coming tonight than in you having a one-on-one with these clowns.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Cold Steel,

    Certainly they must walk the halls of Bethel, do occasional shopping, go to Home Depot or get out and do chores like everyone else.

    I'm sure they have assistants doing their shopping.

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