What does the JW organisation do for the world?

by Half banana 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Vidiot

    Half banana - "What does the JW organisation do for the world?"

    It provides an ideal object lesson on "how not to do it". :smirk:

  • LV101

    The filty org is one of the world's leading con games. They offer to mankind what appeals to the soul- living forever with everything one could possibly desire including cuddly animals -- perfect everything. Adherents throw (or used to) their assets at them and will do whatever it takes. They have an edge on the market unless the folks don't buy it.

  • LV101

    It's amazing it qualifies (hahahah) as a religion in the land of justice and law. More hahahah! Any business/corp can take advantage of the religious laws in this country.

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