What does the JW organisation do for the world?

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It gives nothing, it only takes.

    It preaches the end but continues to turn its financial ‘winnings’ into bricks and mortar investments and enjoys the prestige of a worldwide portfolio worth billions. The constant postponement of Armageddon only helps this business model so the administration is happy. At HQ all the “spiritual” front men need to come up with each generation; is new propaganda to justify the delay... this difficulty of having to weasel out a credible excuse every thirty years or so for the governing body; is nothing compared to the real sufferings of the true believers in the rank and file.

    The average JW is one who has succumbed to the need to be told what to do, and who feels secure in the Watchtower community shared-hope fostered by its leaders. The fixated vision presented by them is that this global system, controlled by Satan, will soon end in mass slaughter which only Jehovah’s Witnesses will survive.

    In any context this is a prescription for paranoia.

    To hold such views is very unhealthy. It is a recipe for serious mental conflict and is never resolved by the arrival of the promised paradise. The usual accommodation is found by the believer going whole-soul into the shared delusion, putting logic on the back burner and supporting the leaders of the cult.

    It is demanded that JWs avoid higher education, worldly ambition, avoid socialising with non-JWs, and that they shun close family members who disagree with the Watchtower. The result is that millions have led lives stifled by the overbearing, unreasonable and untruthful demands of the governing body.

    I would say that the JW organisation has brought nothing to the world except life sapping, paranoid belief, causing untold harm to millions. What do you think?


    Half banana, Don't you know?

    The watchtower is the only organization going door to door restoring the true name of God!

    That's their work.

    Now, what's their fruit from this work? The fruit would be the gift to the world.

    For example, the corrupted, pedophile filled, crusade loving, inquisition supporting, pagan influenced catholic church does works that have given the world the bible, hospitals, the college system, orphanages, food banks, old age homes and is without question the largest charitable organization on the planet. The fruit is given to billions who have enjoyed the privileges that are undeniable.

    What has the WTS given the world?

    umm, I dunno


    What does the JW organisation do for the world?

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I agree with you TTWSYF, the Watchtower is the world’s most uncharitable charity. Yes Outlaw it truly is a monumental scam. At least other religions actually have feelings for other people and in the name of God they help others in need.

    The JW org condemn charity yet they are very happy to help themselves to the tax benefits of being called a "charity". What hypocrisy! Take, take, take is the motto of the governing body. Yet it is the psychological harm it does to the born-ins and young followers that must be told to the world.

    We need to let people know that the JW org steals people’s lives, it takes away their freedom to choose their life course and that it stifles the natural human spirit.

    I despair at the undeserved power this corrupt organisation has in controlling its unfortunate and deluded members.

  • LisaRose

    The Watchtower is a big black hole sucking up resources. Think of the millions of JWs and the good they could do in the world if they weren't trapped in the cult.

    The money they can't donate to actual charitable causes because they support the Watchtower.

    The volunteer work they could do that would actually bring about some good in the world.

    The artists and musicians that can't bring their gifts to the world because the Watchtower makes them feel guilty for developing their talents.

    The people working at low level jobs because they weren't allowed to pursue an education. The doctors and nurses and teachers that will never be.

    The waste is astounding.

  • TheFadingAlbatros
  • LongHairGal

    The JW organization gives not a damn thing to the world, but takes plenty...I consider it a HUGE parasite! May this become more apparent to the whole world.

    Like Lisa Rose says above: it is a monumental waste of human brains and talent not realized.

    The waste IS astounding.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The JW organization gives absolutely nothing to the world but negatives no positives. They believe in a homicidal maniac god Jehovah the will kill a global population of humans if they don't kiss his royal ass in worshipful unquestioning loyalty.

    So with a god bent on destroying 99.9% of the world that don't kiss his royal ass leading the faithful what really can we expect of an organization that is dedicated to his royal highness? This Deity has already passed judgement on the world thousands of years ago so the faithful need not concern themselves with any ways of improving or help the world to get better.

    This organization don't pay taxes and ain't interested in the feeding the poor or helping the elderly they are only seeking profits$$$ with no real interest in doing good for their fellow man and shunning is all the proof I need.

  • ttdtt

    Instead of moving humanity forward - it holds mankind back.

    If everyone was a JW - we would be living in caves and looking for Lightning strikes for fire.

    If you add all you find in the bible about Israelites and christians, and then add JWs, their sole contribution to the progress of man through invention and discovery = MEPS.

    What a horrid religion.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    You've got me there ttdtt, I've no idea what MEPS is and when looking it up, it's still not clear which version of the acronym you mean...

    It's a horrid religion though! A huge ugly parasite as mentioned by LHG.

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