How does the Govering Body get enlightenment?

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  • Biahi

    I think they have a few shots of whiskey, then pull it out of their butts.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Usually it seems to take a multi-million dollar judgement to slap them some enlightenment into them.

  • Listener

    This is from the 2007 1/1 Watchtower where they conclude that the resurrected anointed are involved in revealing new truths to them

    11 What, then, can we deduce from the fact that one of the 24 elders identifies the great crowd to John? It seems that resurrected ones of the 24-elders group may be involved in the communicating of divine truths today. Why is that important? Because the correct identity of the great crowd was revealed to God’s anointed servants on earth in 1935. If one of the 24 elders was used to convey that important truth, he would have had to be resurrected to heaven by 1935 at the latest. That would indicate that the first resurrection began sometime between 1914 and 1935. Can we be more precise?”

  • Biahi

    That is crazy, Listener! They are saying that people started being resurrected in 1914? Where are these people? What a crock of 💩.

  • Listener

    Biaha, they believe the 144,000 anointed who have died began to be resurrected to heaven in 1914.

  • Jalisco

    In Acts 15 the apostles and elders came to the decision after much discussion and without ever having prayed.

  • Earnest
    Listener : ...they believe the 144,000 anointed who have died began to be resurrected to heaven in 1914.

    On the contrary, the Watchtower which you quoted claimed that " that the first resurrection began sometime between 1914 and 1935." It then went on to say

    Could it, then, be reasoned that since Jesus was enthroned in the fall of 1914, the resurrection of his faithful anointed followers began three and a half years later, in the spring of 1918? That is an interesting possibility. Although this cannot be directly confirmed in the Bible, it is not out of harmony with other scriptures that indicate that the first resurrection got under way soon after Christ’s presence began.

    So all that can be said with certainty is that the terminus post quem of the first resurrection is 1914 and the terminus ante quem is 1935. Possibly, "it could be reasoned", "it is not out of harmony with other scriptures", it began in the spring of 1918 BUT "that cannot be directly confirmed in the Bible".

  • Konagirl

    I posted this on fb, but for those who aren't members, I'll post some it here. I was commenting on the video attached:

    “It (the governing body of JWs) can ERR in doctrinal matters or organizational direction.”

    And another by an elder /“helper” of the governing body: “They (the governing body of JWs) NEVER LIE or DECEIVE us”

    “That’s just not how it works”, says the young man, about similar conflicting statements made by false prophets of his own religion. Well, how DOES it work? The truth of God is consistent, reliable, and it remains. (Psalm 119:160; John 4:24; 1 Cor 1:9; John 17:17; James 1:17)

    Here’s the guideline Jesus Christ gave to the foundation “living stones” of God’s spiritual temple built on Christ’s body:

    You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear FRUIT, fruit that will ENDURE (“remain”), so that the Father will give you WHATEVER YOU ASK in my name.“ John 15:16

    (John 2:19-21; Matt 16:18; 1 Pet 2:5,9; Matt 28:20; 1 Cor 3:16; Eph 2:20-22)

    In Matthew, chapter 7, Jesus tells us to be aware of false prophets producing rotten (“worthless, corrupt, putrefied”) FRUIT/teachings. (Matt 7:15-20)

    It is nurtured in the heart, and spoken out of the mouth. (Luke 4:5-7; Mark 4:3,7,18-19; Luke 6:45; 1 John 4:1; Matt 24:24-25)

    Every doctrinal teaching that must be changed by the governing leaders eventually vanishes from the attention of JWs, and falls into obscurity. Their waffling doctrines are more than errors; they are deliberate acts of deceit. (Job 15:35; Psalm 36:1-4; Jer 9:6; Eph 5:6; 2 Pet 2:1-3; Matt 24:24-25; 1 Tim 4:1; Rev 13:11,12,15; 16:13-16; 19:20)

    The fruit produced and spoken by the dual relationship of the governing leaders and their “Gentile” army of elders - both entities represented in the video - is an ongoing harvest of corrupt and diseased “fruit” – teachings that come out of the mouth. So rotten in fact, that even they cannot preserve them until Christ returns. (Eccl 12:9-14; Prov 22:12; Matt 12:37; 25:29-30; Eph 4:25;1 Cor 3:13; Ezek 13:3,10-12,15-16)

    They label their fruit “nourishing spiritual food at the proper time” provided by Jesus Christ, and which should bolster the faith of JWs. (Isa 28:7-9)

    (Who REALLY is the “faithful slave”? -

    But does it? Jesus tells us:

    “Do not work for food that SPOILS, but for food that ENDURES to eternal life, which the Son of Man WILL give you. “ John 6:27

    Yet, the governing leaders proclaim that Jesus never promised to provide “perfect” food, their meager attempt at excusing their hypocrisy and lies. Their human doctrine stems from fleshly desires that are proven NOT TO ENDURE. (Matt 6:19-20; Phil 3:18-19)

    Is Jesus imperfect like men? Would any of his words prove to be imperfect? Would any of his promises given to those faithful ones that he has chosen to teach others, prove to be failures? (Psalm 18:30; Matt 19:21; 6:24; Heb 12:1-2; 1 John 2:2; John 14:6; 12:49-50; John 17:6,17; John 13:20; Matt 28:20; Mal 2:7)

    To those anointed priests who are to spread his truth, and truth endures forever, he promised in John 15:16 and John 6:27 that he and the Father would give “whatever you ask” to a faithful servant who remains in Christ, and who desires to understand the wisdom of God. (John 15:1-2,5-6; 1 John 2:27; Luke 11:9-13; John 16:13)

    “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. 8 My Father is glorified by this: that you continue to bear much fruit and PROVE to be my disciples.” John 15:7

    From the vast evidence of false and failed teachings, we have substantial PROOF that the governing leaders and their world-wide elder body, are not disciples of truth and Jesus Christ, but disciples of the father of the lie. (John 8:44; 2 Cor 11:13-15) Jesus does not bestow the power and wisdom of Holy Spirit upon men who exalt themselves over Christ, and who willingly produce teachings or “food” /fruit that liberally issues from their corrupt heart and mind.

    “NO rotten (or “corrupt”/”unwholesome”) word must proceed from your mouth, but only something good for the building up of the need, in order that it may give grace to those who hear.” Eph 4:29

    So, as we see in the video, what comes out of the mouth of these pretentious representatives of the organization, is glaring hypocrisy. (Luke 12:1; Mark 7:6-7; 1 Tim 4:1-2; 2 Cor 11:3-4; Heb 3:12; Rom 10:3; 2 Pet 2:21)

    Neither one of these leaders is telling the truth. (Dan 11:27; Jer 5:30-31; Matt 12:33-37; 23:27-28)


    (Romans 3:4; John 12:48; Eph 5:6-9; Col 2:8; John 8:12; 1:4-5)

  • Listener

    Ernest, you are right.

    They base 1918 on the idea that it is 3.5 years after Jesus was made King in 1914 due to some speculation regarding Jesus himself.

    Then they conclude it must have occurred prior to 1935 because Rutherford came up with the idea of the identity of the Great crowd as being the other sheep. They claim this new revelation was likely communicated to them by the resurrected anointed.

    However, with all this speculation they overlooked one thing. They make the bold statement that the 1935 great crowd revelation was definitely communicated to them. Since it wasn’t made up by Rutherford and it wasn’t from the bible, they admit to it being revealed to them somehow, they just aren’t sure who communicated it to them.

    So we get back to the OP’s question. How does the GB get enlightenment? For some things they do know, for others, they just don’t know and resort to speculation.

  • no-zombie

    Of course in the 21st century there is going to be problems and issues, not directly commented upon in the Bible. And there are certain passages that are obviously, unclear. So in regards to this whole 'enlightenment' topic, I'm quite ok with speculation, provided it is talked about in that manner ... and treated differently to the commandments set out in stone.

    Unfortunately this distinction doesn't exist with the Governing Body. And as a result, we find 'utterances born from holy spirit' that need to be revised, on a regular basis. Which I would think is rather embarrassing.

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