Thorn in the flesh

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  • Seven

    It has been my experience that it is difficult to really get to know short guys because they are always going out of their way to prove themselves.
    I am 5'10" tall without heels so I've had my share
    of dealings with short brothers over the years-most of them have been hard to get along with.

  • waiting

    My father used to go round in some peculiar circles - one of his legs was shorter than the other. Rick Mayall

    waiting - couldn't find a joke about 2 short legs.

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  • wannabe

    Paul had his eyesight miracuously restored, did he not? would Jehovah restore someones eyesight in that manner and give him bad eyesight?

    That simply does not compute! Pauls thorn in the flesh is the exact same thorn we all have. Look over Romans 7:15-25 where he laments the fact, that the Law of sin and death was at war in his members, leading him captive to sin's law. "Miserable Man that I am,' he said. When he wished to do what was right, what he hated was what he did. He said, in his flesh there dwelt nothing good. That sin was dwelling in him. Rather than bad eyesight, it was miuch more serious than that. Don't you think? What was bad was always present with him. There's your thorn in the flesh, for sure. I know, I got it! The entire race of mankind has it, so Paul was not alone, was he? Wannbe

  • VoidEater

    I don't think there is any direct Biblical quotation we can use to say what his "thorn" was.

    Nor do I think we con conclusively show he was of the Sanhedrin.

    Nothing to conclusively show he was or was not married (though, as others say, any wife might have been rather put out, espcially by his "gift" of celibacy).

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