Old Light - New Light

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    My goodness--changes that are made in the teachings would dwarf even ocean!

    What a disservice to the one who testifies "I have not changed" my teachings.--Malachi 3:6

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    I am still not sure, if all the points in the document are accurate and shows old light - new light.

    For e.g. the following about Saunas:

    GOOD, BETHEL HAS ONE - yb 93 p. 29 Jehovah's Witnesses—1993 Yearbook Report
    The new five-story wing of 77,000 square feet [7,200 sq m] consists of 39 Bethel rooms, also health-care facilities, saunas, and storage areas.
    BAD - w02 10/15 p. 11 par. 10 "Oppose the Devil"
    In some countries, mixed bathing in saunas and hot springs is popular, not to mention nude bathing on some beaches. Just as in the early centuries of Christianity, Satan tries to entice God's servants by means of worldly leisure activities.
    BE CAREFUL! - g03 7/22 p. 22 The Sweat Bath—Then and Now
    Saunas are becoming ever more popular throughout the world, especially in hotels and sports facilities. A word of caution: Unfortunately, in some countries the term "sauna" is used to designate certain places of prostitution. Hence, make sure that the sauna you visit is a real one, used for decent purposes.
    GOOD - g06 4/06 p. 22 I Learned to Trust in God
    Meeta immediately heated the sauna for me so that I could warm up. The next day she went to Tartu and contacted Linda Mettig. Linda urged me, "Let's start preaching now and cover all of Estonia with the good news."
    BAD, CHURCHES HAVE THEM - g07 2/07 p. 6 What Is Happening to the Churches?
    Church complexes may include restaurants, cafés, beauty salons, saunas, and sports facilities.
    GOOD - g08 3/08 p. 25 In the Land of Thermal Baths
    In the 19th century, spa culture was enriched when the Finnish steam bath, or sauna, became better known. In time, saunas, steam rooms, and cold-water pools were added to Budapest's baths.

    For e.g. in w02 10/15 referenced above, the wt is not teaching that saunas are bad in itself, but that mixed bathing in some saunas are not acceptable. I don't think this an as example of old light-new light.

    For e.g. a person may say the beaches are good, however he may feel that nude beaches are not appropriate for him and his family. This doesn't mean that he is contradicting himself.

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