Crazy things said by Higher Rank Witnesses

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  • GrownMidget
    It was the week when circuit overseer comes and my relatives wanted to offer the food. I had got my school friend, a muslim girl, going into the meetings and she actually progressed and went to the field service, but never got baptized and one day she just disappeared.

    Well anyway, this overseer comes for the free lunch and then when we are sitting in the table with his wife and my relatives, the muslim girl comes as the subject. Overseer throws out this absurd asshole joke that because their family doesn't like witnesses his father will come with a truck and drives it through the Kingdom Hall wall and then it explodes. Then we will meet him at the paradise and welcome him there. Also, this same guy wouldn't even talk to me when I was once in the barber shop and he happened to come there.

    It just feels weird how these pure assholes are so highly respected that their talks are so special that everyone should go into the meeting. They basically do nothing, travel and get free food and all the respect wherever they go.
  • Clambake

    That was actually kind of funny. I always ask my Muslim co workers if they have a big weekend of planning attacks.

    They usually reply fuck you redneck racist cracker prick.

    I am what do you say. All I heard was dirka dirka dirka.

    It's all good

  • GrownMidget
    Oh my, just wait when someone says any joke about the witnesses and it's the big A waiting.
  • Tenacious

    Yeah, these CO's are nothing less than gum on the sidewalk for me.

    They come around real quick when they are no longer needed by the WTS. Then they act like victims the little turds.

  • GrownMidget
    I even went into field service with this guy 1:1 and then much later comes into the same barber shop and doesn't even pay any attention to me. Just once mumbles something that I don't understand a word of.

    Anyway, I wasn't even faded back then and was in good standing, just not very popular because I wasn't preparing to the meetings and not very active in the field service department. Well, I guess those were my sins then.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    It was none other than Frederick Franz and I heard it in person and was even recording it.

    It was in 1974 at the Inglewood public forum in Los Angeles where the Lakers used to play basketball. There were about 10,000 in attendance.

    Freddie, then Vice President of the Watchtower, gave a speech on 1975 where he said that the end would happen within months or a few years of that date but not decades. His prediction was all tied in to the chronological time period known as "The Adam and Eve gap"; a period of time between Adam's creation and that of Eve. Even though this "gap" could have been decades long he stated that it was unlikely because Adam would have been tempted in bestiality without a suitable mate for that long.

    I don't know what I did with that audio cassette.

  • truthseeker100
    I remember the same speech given at the old Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. Village It happened same guy!
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    truthseeker100, "Village It happened same guy!"

    Yeap, that Freddie was a weirdo.

  • DNCall

    VI: I remember that being at the L.A. Sports Arena. ?? Knorr was there too. He borrowed my songbook. Never got it back.

  • krejames
    I remember a circuit overseer Albert Broad saying in his sunday talk that we shouldn't eat red smarties because they contain cochineal, which he said, was beetles blood. True story.

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