Regarding this so called judgment message..

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  • FedUpJW
    God’s people will boldly declare a strong message of judgment that will affect all people. The message may be that Satan’s wicked world is about to be totally destroyed. The Bible compares this message to hailstones when it says: “Great hailstones, each about the weight of a talent, fell from heaven on the people, and the people blasphemed God because of the plague of hail, for the plague was unusually great.”​—Revelation 16:21.

    So where do they find the proof for their assertion using their Bible? Or did they not really mean ot when they said unless the Bible is clear about something having a meaning for these days they would not....OH WAIT! I forgot, what they say today doesn't matter tomorrow! Sorry 'bout that!

  • jonahstourguide

    Well, for wot its worth. in the months and years to come, they could always twist their "join us or die" message as having been a judgement message since 1914 !?. I raised this aspect with a 'pee in your ear' eldub and believe it or not he said "you know what,, you may have a point" Unbelievable!!!!!!!!


    edit,,,, of course with no scriptural basis.

  • smiddy3

    When was the first time that the WTB&TS stated that JW`s would be changing their message to one of Judgement against the nations / ?

    If my memory serves me correct it was either in the 1970`s or maybe the 1980`s or somewhere in between .

    So we are looking at a ball park figure of around 50 years ago give or take a few years

    .How many of the older generation would have since died off expecting they would be delivering such a message.

    That never eventuated. ?

    How many more of this generation are going to experience the same disappointment ?

    The Governing body are masters at leading the gullible down the garden path on the never never plan of one of their prophecy`s ever being fulfilled .

  • Listener
    Jonahstourguide - they could always twist their "join us or die" message as having been a judgement message since 1914 !?.

    Now that you mention it. They used to teach that the Great Tribulation began in 1914 and there was just an interruption. So they were teaching that the judgement message was being delivered by them from that time. But now they are saying it will be done in the future since the GT hasn't started yet.
  • nowwhat?

    Back in the day. Up to the 1980's it was a judgment message. They were very clear about getting out of Babylon the great and take action before Armageddon comes. Not the wishy washy presentation we have had the last 20 years

  • ToesUp

    WT has used this tactic for years. I believe they use it to keep all the dubbies in line. You should hear how fearful some of our relatives are of things like this.

    Just another cult tactic!

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