Regarding this so called judgment message..

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  • nowwhat?

    Will our fearless leaders the GB call a news conference and invite all the major news networks and outlets and put their asses on the line and declare "you are all doomed!" Or will they have the rank and file do all the dirty work while they sit back in their gated corporate country club?! Ask any Jdub that question!

  • DesirousOfChange

    We all know they will declare that all important "judgement message" via the pages of their widest publicized religious magazine in the world.............thus parrots around the world will get the warning.........

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  • kairos

    I think so few will participate in this "judgement message".
    It's like the GB is trying to wake everyone up.

    Maybe they should have Stephen Lett or Tony Morris do a sample door to door presentation so everyone sees how Jesus' brothers do it...

    Better yet, just have the dubs show the video at the door.
    "This is our leader, listen to his important message..."
    < hits play on tablet >

    Remember , this was Kevin's pre great tribulation downfall.

    Not culty at all, folks

  • truth_b_known

    Even as an active, full-believer Witness, I often wondered how this would be facilitated. At what point does the old GB say, "The Great Tribulation has started - begin with the judgment message." The reason I asked then was that Witnesses won't believe a word of anything unless its printed in the pages of the Watchtower.

    I had believed that when governments "turned on religion" that they would also seized all Watchtower properties. Being that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is not Jehovah's Christian Congregation the religion would continue without Kingdom Halls or Watchtower publications.

    All I know is we have been on hold for well over a century for this judgment message...but, hey, its right around the corner. The end? No. The pre-end.

  • Spiral

    nowwhat, that is a good question! If they really believe it, and they are so in to internet and video witnessing, then they should do the heavy lifting by publishing an announcement and putting the message on

    But they wouldn't of course, even if they thought the time had come.

  • jwleaks

    The GB are spiritual weasels. The most they'll ever say is we're in "the last days."

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Several years ago a O.C. told me in confidence that the GB believes half of the friends will die at Armageddon because they were half hearted. Because of this thinking he said the GB can't trust the friends to do the right thing so we shouldn't.

    The GB has never in my life time stuck their neck out for anything. They have always had the flock do all the dirty work. Still Totally ADD

  • pontoon

    If the GB had any balls they would be in Russia or some dirt poor African country spearheading the work. I can remember years ago at summer conventions how strong, carefully worded resolutions against governments and religion and everyone applauds and bold the organization is and I used to think what a load of bullshit--that really got governments and Catholics shaking in their boots.

  • Listener

    This is what they had to say about it in the July 2015 Watchtower-

    God’s people will boldly declare a strong message of judgment that will affect all people. The message may be that Satan’s wicked world is about to be totally destroyed. The Bible compares this message to hailstones when it says: “Great hailstones, each about the weight of a talent, fell from heaven on the people, and the people blasphemed God because of the plague of hail, for the plague was unusually great.”​—Revelation 16:21.

    The weight of a talent is approximately 75 pounds and is said to be coming from heaven, not from JWs living on Earth. Also, the scripture makes no mention of a message. Hailstones of that size are going to do a huge amount of damage and deaths.

    I wonder how long they have had this idea of a judgement message?

  • Acluetofindtheuser
    I wonder how long they have had this idea of a judgement message?

    I don't know how long they have been promoting this idea but I may know where they get the idea of a warning message. I think they are relating the Armageddon event with the Flood. Peter called Noah, "A preacher of righteousness" and the JW's assumed that meant a warning message to the pre-flood worldly people.

    It's strange that the book of Genesis makes no mention of a warning or preaching campaign by Noah prior to the Flood. I don't know where Peter got his information unless it was by divine inspiration. I still find it strange that Noah's preaching activity is not mentioned in the OT. I think the large boat construction was the only witness given.

    I find it hard to believe that if Noah really preached he would have been able to save more than his immediate family and their wives. What about grandparents, cousins, sisters of the wives, the wives parents and so forth. Something doesn't add up.

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