What a fader can say to a sleepy witness?

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  • Darkknight757

    My mother-in-law is the same way, always with the "what if's" and the doom talk. I try to steer it to a happy place and boom! back to the gloom!!

    We don't talk much nowadays.

  • kairos

    My wife is turning 70 this year. Born-in JW.

    I'm 21 years younger than her, we're approaching our 20th wedding anniversary this year. I'm not sure we're going to make it.

    All she thinks about is the cult.

    She's too old to change.


    Tough spot to be in.

  • ToesUp

    We have several family members that are 100% JW. All day, every day. If you don't have JW stuff to talk about, there would be NO conversation. If you try bringing up something to discuss, then it's "oh, Brother so and so knows how to do that or Brother so and so went through the same thing." Make's me want to scream!

    They have no outside contact with the world. No jobs, friends, neighbors...nothing. And if you or a family member ever accomplishes anything, forget it! "Brother so and so did it also and much better than anyone else." GAG!

    Rant over.

  • blondie

    jws want the end to come before they die; and as they approach old age they get more anxious. But the WTS once said that they could not discern the end.

    Mt. 24:44 come at a time they think not

    *** w74 1/15 p.54 pars.23-24***

    But what does Jeremiah 25:34, 35 say about this? Concerning what will happen to Christendom’s leaders just as concerning what was to befall the Jewish leaders shortly after Jerusalem’s fall in 607 B.C.E., it says: “Howl, you shepherds, and cry out! And wallow about, you majestic ones of the flock, because your days for slaughtering and for your scatterings have been fulfilled, and you must fall like a desirable vessel!”

    So it is not a slow fading away by loss of members that brings the end of Christendom’s false religions and their clergy. Instead, just as a beautiful vase, a “desirable vessel,” suddenly falls from its pedestal, to the dismay of its onlookers, so the clergy and their false religion have a sudden, surprising crash to destruction.

  • Darkknight757

    LoL ToesUp. That is exactly what my MiT does. Also the whole "those who leave the truth lives go down the toilet."

    Sad thing about her and it already has been commented on is the fact that most JW's I know are completely unprepared for retirement. They literally have nothing saved up and are in debt up to their eyeballs!! First thing I did upon waking up was get the retirement account going again.

    Kairos- sorry for the situation that you are in. I hope she wakes up. Even a little time awake and enjoying life as we should is better than nothing.


    We go to the house and talk to the couple who are long time friends. All these people can talk about it how hard life is and that they are "just barely hanging on.

    I find it amazing that this family really has it made. He has a great job, a beautiful home in a fantastic neighborhood. Yet they are visibly miserable.

    What do you say to try to cheer up these sleepy culties?

    It`s Never Going to Get Any Better!..

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  • ToesUp

    "First thing I did upon waking up was get the retirement account going again."

    Exactly! We have done the same thing. No one is going to "take care" of you but YOU. Our families are broke and depressed. We refuse to participate. lol

  • Gulf Coaster
    Gulf Coaster

    ToesUp, same here. During the depressing phone conversations with my mother, I also get to hear how wonderful the brothers and sisters at her KH are. My husband is never as good as brother so-and-so, and I can never compare to sister whatsername. I can understand talking about your friends and what they've done, as part of the conversation, but it's more of a game of oneupmanship with her. JWs = Great. Us normal people = Lacking. She's never accepted that my life has been a success and that I'm happy, never told me she was proud of me or of my kids. But some random people and kids at her KH, well, they're just so wonderful since they're good little JWs. That's all that matters. It's hopeless. No wonder I don't call her often.

  • ToesUp

    Gulf coaster

    I feel your pain. My kids will never be the wonderful and spectacular need greaters, pioneers, bethelites, etc. They could NEVER measure up to the "exemptluary" ones in the family. The one thing they DO have is jobs, health insurance, 401k, education and most importantly humility. Their dad and I are proud of them and let them know it. No one can take or diminish the pride we feel towards our children. We were always taught as JW's to have humility, yet it seems none of the JW's have that quality. When we are at a family gathering and the brag fest starts about what little Johnny or Susie has accomplished for "kingdom interests", we all (our kids included) just smile at one another, saying nothing at all.

    Enjoy the successes of your children in your own wonderful way. They are YOUR special possession. The hell with what everyone else thinks. Hugs!

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